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Job Centre

Here at St Thomas', we are committed to lifelong learning and arming our children with the skills needed to become responsible productive citizens. With this in mind we have set up our Job Centre to encourage our pupils to embark on their working life. They will be encouraged to apply for various simple jobs around school, which may help other children or staff members and they will earn credits to exchange for rewards such as stationery, toys etc. At the end of each half term.


How Do I know About the Jobs in School?

 There is a list of all the jobs and the hours and requirements for each job here on the website. You can read about all the jobs and see what you think may be suitable for you to apply for.




How Do I Apply for a School Job?

To apply online, fill in the form and click send for your application to go straight to the Learning Mentors.

Thanks for submitting!


Our Job Centre is sponsored by ONE 17 Design Charitable Trust.

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