Job Centre

Here at St Thomas' we are committed to life long learning and arming our children with the skills needed to become responsible productive citizens. With this in mind we have set up our Job Centre Plus to encourage our pupils to embark on their working life, they will earn credits to exchange for rewards such as chocolate, stationery or time, they will also pay a small amount of tax which will be exchanged into items for our school community such as plants, radios etc.

When is the Job Centre Open?

The job centre is open all of the time. You can read about all of the jobs here on the school website. You can read the jobs when passing, or you can come on a Friday during playtime and we will help you.

How Do I know About the Jobs in School?



This document has all of the jobs that need people in school. Click to open the document, and read the jobs. Make sure that you look at which year group that the job is for.

How Do I Apply For a School Job?


Click to print out this application form, fill it in at home and the post it in the school post box. There will be envelopes in school, by the post box.

You can apply online using the boxes below, pick up an application for from reception or print out an application form and fill it in at home. To apply online, fill in the form below and click send for your application to go straight to Mrs Killeen. 


Our Job Centre is sponsored by ONE 17 Design Charitable Trust.