Charities We Support


C.A.R.T. stands for Christian African Relief Trust, based here in Huddersfield, C.A.R.T. sends goods to countries in Africa to support development, education, training and relieve poverty. All donations go directly towards transporting goods from the UK and Africa.


Over the last few years we have sent boxes of school equipment, school uniform, text books and resources that will be put to better use in schools in developing countries in Africa. 

The Welcome Centre, Huddersfield.

Since 2013,  St Thomas Primary School has been linked with The Welcome Centre in the heart of Huddersfield.


Our Year 5 & 6 children began to collect tins, dry goods, home items and stationary to help top up this vital food bank; a food bank that supports hundreds of families across our town.


As we learnt more, we were invited to visit the centre and see for ourselves what hard work and dedication goes into running such an important service. On our first visit, our pupils, teachers and parents across the school community donated nearly 50 bags of food and household goods. 


Since then, we have been back each Autumn, filling our school mini bus with the fantastic response to our annual Harvest collections at St Thomas' Church.


Each year, our school takes part in the NSPCC Number Day. It's a fun, nationwide maths fundraising event for children and young people of all ages that helps raise money to support the NSPCC.


As a school we all dress up in mathematical clothing and spend the school day taking part in a variety of hands on, fun, practical maths activities.


Marie Curie

Our fund raising for Marie Curie Cancer Care spans the first few months of the year.


Our children begin the school year in September by planting their very own daffodil bulbs in class. We then water them, care for them and keep them safe until March.


We then create a design for our plant pot wrapper and spend the day wearing yellow in school. We also take home fundraising envelopes to get our friends and family involved.


We raise a fantastic amount of money each year and the school is so proud of the hard work and donations that our pupils and parents put in.

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