September 2021

Some initial plans for September - more details to follow


From September schools have been asked to fully open but to have a contingency plan ready for returning to remote learning and bubble closures if instructed to do so.


Facemasks - these will no longer be required but may still be advised in busy places, you may find many staff and parents still choose to wear them around school and on the yard, this choice comes from care and respect for others and to reduce general risk.  


Lunches - hopefully all children will be eating in the dining room, we are working on a new rota system to ensure we can accommodate handwashing and hygiene expectations.


Curriculum and Staffing - this will no longer have any Covid restraints. We can probably still expect some disruption and increased absences as Covid rates expectedly rise. All positive cases will still need to isolate, and any non-vaccinated staff would still need to isolate. We need to maintain and celebrate our use of Seesaw as we will still be expected to provide remote leaning for individuals at home and as part of our contingency plan.


LFT testing - Staff will still be testing up to the end of September, children under 11 are not asked to test but you may wish to complete them as they return to school in September.


Pupils with symptoms - we will still need to err on the side of caution regarding symptoms and illness. We will advise of symptoms to be aware of as and when we are informed but before all the children return in September.


Uniform - full uniform will be expected in September.


PE Kits - the wearing of PE kits on PE days has saved us much timewasting and been very effective so we will continue with this in September.


Bags - we will continue to encourage children to leave bags at home (it has saved so much space and clutter in the classrooms!). Please only use compact packed lunch bags/boxes and simple book bags if needed - NO BACKPACKS. 


Last updated 9 July 2021