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Our Topic this half term is:



This half term's Topic focus begins with planting a broad bean

seed. We are doing this through learning all about instruction

writing, using the book, My Bean Diary.

Week two (A very short week) will then see the children learning

how to take care of the seeds they have planted and how they can

help them to grow at their best.

Then in week three, we'll be studying leaves and how they change across the seasons. This will also involve a local walk to Bradley Woods. We will let you know nearer the time when we plan to do this.

In week four, the children will design and make their very own garden - please talk to them about any ideas you may have to share with them; even visit a couple of gardens or Greenhead park and take some pictures!

Looking after our planet takes place in the final fifth week, when the children will learn all about the importance of looking after our world and their local area.


To support this exciting Topic at home, you could;

  • Plant your own seeds and watch them grow in a small pot on the kitchen windowsill.

  • Look out for signs of spring wherever you go; bird song, bees, flowers, plants, trees, blossom

  • Draw pictures of any signs of spring

  • Make your own fairy garden!

Look out for the fun, weekly activities on out learning journal 'Seesaw'!

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Here is our overview for this Spring term.

We will be busy helping the children to be 

super confident with numbers to 10, as well 

as introducing numbers beyond 10 to 20.

Our provision play will enable the

children to learn through exploring whilst

having fun.

You can support your child by looking out for

'teen' numbers, whilst out in the car or on 

the bus. Play games such as Bingo, Snakes and

Ladders, and Dominoes. 

"Spatial reasoning (also referred to as ‘spatial thinking’ or ‘spatial awareness’) involves how we understand location (where things are positioned and where they are in relation to other things), dimensions (for example, how long something is or how big something is and the properties of objects (such as spiky or flat)." (Early Childhood Maths Group, 2022). 






This half term's Talk 4 Writing book is the traditional tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We 

will start by immersing the children in the book by studying the beginning, middle and

end. We will order the story, act out scenes and write short sentences and captions.

If you have the book at home, please read it with your child and ask them questions 

about the characters, setting and what happens; can they tell you the beginning, middle

and end? You can also watch it on may YouTube sights including:

Reading and Phonics 


In Reception we have a strong focus on developing early reading skills.

We are passionate about promoting a love of reading for all the children

and developing fluency and skill. This will only help to serve them well in

all other aspects of their school and adult life. Your role in supporting this

adventure for the children is crucial. 


We send home phonic appropriate books for the children which matches their

level of reading. Your child will receive two books per week. These books will be

sent home every Monday and are to be returned the following Monday MORNING.

In order for them to be changed parents will have to sign the Reading Record

which will go home in your child’s book bag.

We have now finalised all new learning for Phases 3 and 4 and consolidating the sounds

through recapping, talking out short sentences, reading and writing short captions. Homework will be set every Monday for you to work through with your child.


Monday - Library, home work and Home Reading Book swap

            - Library - open from 2:30pm 


Wednesday- RH and RT PE 



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