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Compliments & Testimonials

Our staff work very hard to ensure that every day is a meaningful and positive experience for our children. If you would like to post a message to say thank you, or to share something special, here's your chance. Every special message is very important to us. Maybe your child did something wonderful here at school, or we helped them in a special way. Maybe you attended our school, and had a good time or somehow we managed to put a smile on your child's face.


If you ask any of our staff, a thank you makes everything worthwhile. We would also like to anonymously publish a few on this page if possible.


Thank you very, very much for posting!

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Your Feedback


Keep up all the hard work. Thanks for an effective academic year.


My children have both had an excellent year at St Thomas, which is reflected in their reports. They are happy to be at school, which is the most important thing to me, so I am more than happy with the school and staff - you do an excellent job, thank you.


My son has just finished his first year with St Thomas's in reception & it was daunting for me & him when he first started last September, but he soon settled in thanks to the staff in reception (especially miss Ellis) getting to know him & his ways early on so she could get the best out of him. I also feel he has come on loads with his learning especially reading & writing, he likes the current house system too & he loves to get points for his team, which I also think spurs him on to do well with his learning. He enjoys school & I am hoping this will continue all the way through to year 6.


Both of my children enjoy school and learn well because there are many opportunities for them to achieve and because they are interested and engaged in the school curriculum. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into teaching not only my children but all the children and would like to say thank you for taking the time to plan such an engaging curriculum with so many and varied learning opportunities for the children. I can see how the children have been really considered with the choice of topics and content. Thank you again!


My daughter loves her time at school and because of makes me happy to know that this school is a positive one ☺


We, my 2 daughters and myself, have enjoyed every moment of our time at St Thomas. From nursery through to yr6 has been wonderful. The school has given both girls a solid start to both education and 'life' to take them safely and confidently into High school years. Thank you.


Thanks to all the staff at St Thomas. I have been coming to the school for the past 17yrs and you have done a great job with all 3 of my children. I will miss you all. Thanks again :) X


Excellent school really happy with evis progress and now her little sister is joining nursery so they are together brilliant staff and teaching.


Another fantastic year at St Thomas. 2 very happy children who have once again had a fab year at school. Staff have been amazing as usual. Although we do have 1 child leaving for high school who has a lovely relationship with his teachers and wishes he could stay! Glad we have other children coming through school so we can continue to be apart of St Thomas. Thank you to all staff you really are a great team working together to make a difference in our children's lives. Have a wonderful summer, you deserve it!


We would like to say a massive Thank you to the teachers that have taught my children this year they have done a fantastic job and my children have learnt so much and they always talk about their teachers, not only that thank you to all the other teachers that have helped and are there everyday this is a fantastic school and we are looking forward to new challenges the new school term brings x


My daughter has not always found 'learning' easy, she struggled with reading for a long time and her self confidence was low. Staff have worked tirelessly to engage her in an array of activities both during school and after in order to raise her confidence. She likes to attend school and tries hard at any tasks given and this is down to teachers positive attitudes and the caring way that she has been dealt with; aiding her to reach her potential. The attitude and understanding around PSE is absolutely fantastic and staff including the head teacher do everything within their power to ensure that children feel supported and are ready to learn. My daughter had a few difficult weeks at the end of this term and her form teacher has been absolutely fabulous, going out of his way during the residential trip to Ghyll head to ensure that she was supported. I would also like to say that the office staff at St Thomas are always friendly and ready to help with queries and questions and always respond back in a very timely manner. All staff including the head teacher are very approachable and actively listen to what is being said. St Thomas is a fantastic school that promotes holistic learning - My daughter is a credit to the school.


I would like to thank all the teachers and staff for the brilliant job they have done over the last year. I have seen my daughter blossom and she loves coming to school.


I want to say a big thank you to Mrs Davies and Mr Bradley for all their help this week regarding helping my son settle in. He was finding it hard and not being himself, so I had a word with Mrs Davies and with the help of Mr Bradley they have made him feel loads better, with reassurance he can come to them anytime. Tankyou for the close care as always, from a happy Mummy and Daddy now and one settled little boy xxx


We can only say good things about the school. Seeing my son running to school every morning just speaks for itself. He also asks us during half terms "Can I go back to school". My son has just started reception and again, I can only give amazing credit to St Thomas. The Teachers are kind, always smiling and happy to talk and share our children's experiences. Well done to the staff and Mr Rushby who have absolutely transformed the school.


My daughter has loved her first year in full time school. She is coming on leaps and bounds and I am really proud of her.


My eldest daughter flourished at St Thomas and so is my son. With a couple of teething problems, we as a family have been fully supported and guided by the staff. Now my son is entering year six and we have every confidence that this support will continue and that he will excel in his final year.


My daughter on joined in June but has made vast improvements already. She has settled very quickly and has a strong sense of identity.


After a bumpy start my son has settled in well and enjoys school.  There has been clear development from an educational perspective and also the development of him personally.


My daughter comes home continuously asking questions - 'What does...mean?' 'How do we do...' And I know that the questions are prompted by what she is learning in school. She has grown in confidence despite difficulties at home, and it is reassuring for me to know that she is happy and coping alright during her day.


Excellent school, my son has really enjoyed his time in class. Keep up the good work.


I am very impressed by the improvements that the school has made over the last three years in terms of results. Please keep up the good work. We are particularly impressed by the project books that you have given to my daughter, this will keep them busy and they have already started to work on this.


I have witnessed over the years how St Thomas has really grown and improved for the better and I am really impressed with the studies and attributes in school.


The school has a great positive feel about it and works hard to achieve high standards. I'm extremely happy with all aspects of the school. Well done to teachers and Mr Rushby.


The pencil cases handed out at the start of the new school term are a great idea. My son is very proud of his and looks after it well.


'I used to go to Bradley nursery way back when the nursery used to be next to the school, just through the trees. It was lovely and I remember little picnic tables outside and being spun around in a big red thing in the playground by the teachers.
The teachers were amazing and I am so very very happy to have the same teacher who looked after me looking after my daughter that goes to the nursery. I recently went to the parents evening and to be back in the main school hall where I used to do p.e, have school discos and perform in the play, was magical. I want to say thank you for what all the staff are doing for my daughter at nursery as she is really shy there and quiet but has developed lots and shows new skills. Every time she comes home, she loves coming to 'school' as she calls it, and tells me about everything she has done :) thank you everybody x'


'I loved the school performances. Thank you.'


'Just to say thank you to every1. For the good work you do with the children. Thank you for the help/ welcoming me into the school Happy Easter to you all :-)'


'A big, big thank you to all the teaching staff who take 4AC swimming. My son has always been nervous around water but, thanks to your patience and help, he has gotten over this fear and really enjoys swimming. Thank you.'

'A huge thanks to Mr Rushby who passed on a certain flag and made a little boy very, very happy!'


Thank you Mrs Hughes and all the teaching staff who arranged the trip to the chestnut centre during the half term holiday. My son had a great day.


Just a big THANK YOU to all the work and support put in toward the build up to the year 6's SATS exams. The extra lessons and homework packs really allowed my son to build confidence in his work and hopefully the results will show.


A big well done to the planners of the years 3/4 trip to Eden Camp. My son had a fantastic day and hasn't stopped talking about it.


A great school, our children have been very happy here. Thanks to all the staff for the support and friendship they have shown to our family.


Thanks for arranging the trip to the Welcome Center for years 5 and 6. It's very important to remind our children that not all children are as fortunate as them. It was a real eye opener for my son and it made a big impression on him. Well done and keep up the great work.

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