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The Internet has become part of our everyday lives and is now easier to access then ever before, but using the Internet can also have risks.


Children and young people are more at risk of exposure to inappropriate or criminal behaviour if they are unaware of the dangers.

These dangers can include:

  • viewing unsuitable content e.g. hate material, adult content, sites that endorse unhealthy behaviour

  • giving out personal information

  • arranging to meet an online 'friend'

  • becoming involved in, or the victim of, bullying, identity theft, or making and sending indecent or illegal images

  • spending too much time online which can effect concentration, education, sleep and health

  • copying information from the Internet or buying work from other people to use as their own.


It's really important to make sure that when we are online we are thinking about our safety.



  • To keep any passwords you have safe

  • To check with an adult when you want to use the internet

  • To let someone know if you see something you don't like


Visit these websites to find out more and play some e-safety games;

(new links to go here)

An e-safety PowerPoint assembly that we did in school
Would you like to help with the safe on line message at home? Download this PowerPoint to see how we shared safety news with our children.


An e-safety booklet to help at home
Make sure that your child is safe online, with our downloadable chat guide booklet for parents.

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