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Our Topic this half term is:

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If you can share any knowledge relating to our topic we would love to hear about it, plus if you have any skills (and time) related to the lessons we would do our best to include you in an afternoon with the children! 

TOPIC - Game On!

This is a topic is all about heroines and how they shaped the world today. Our topic will begin looking at the game monopoly which was made by a woman.

We will be finding out:

  • about Yorkshire and the places in our county.

  • about Elizabeth Magie and create games which have an electrical element to them.

  • democracy and the equalities faced by women.

  • Look at coding in computing.

At Home... Why not:

  • Create your own game. It could be a Bradley edition of Monopoly.

  • Make a powerpoint presentation to inform others about a part of this topic which really interests you

  • Film yourself on SeeSaw in a documentary style presentation - interviewing a mathematician from our book 'Hidden figures'

  • Create a collage of the county we live in and why it is so great to live here.

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Science: Earth and Space

Another exciting science topic which the children are all fascinated by (in fact, so are we - as teachers!)

The title is self explanatory, but in short it looks at our place in this vast universe. 

We study the planets, the sun and moon, plus lots of other scientific facts around the Earth, and beyond.

The children will get the opportunity to research areas of this topic which will be bubbling up in their inquiring minds, and will also get the opportunity to include creative artwork during these science lessons.


During the Summer term (1), we will be covering a range of mathematical concepts. We follow the Year 5 White Rose Maths Curriculum. Feel free to take a look at the White Rose website yourself, if you would like to. There are useful resources on there for home learning too. Times Tables have always been a stumbling block for many, but as a Year 4 objective we hope that the children who are still struggling with them to also take some ownership of this at home, alongside the classroom learning.

This half-term in Year 5 we will cover the rest of the unit concerned with decimal numbers besides consolidating the areas of weakness shown up on the pupils' work, and the NfER tests they did last half term.

Link to the White Rose website here.

We set weekly maths homework using My Maths. All children have a login and password; they can ask Mr Sykes or Mrs Jones for another copy of this if they lose or forget it! My Maths homework activities link directly to the lessons taught in class, so it is important everyone has a go, every week. 

Link to My Maths here.

Year 5 also need to keep practising their times tables regularly and can head over to TT Rock Stars for that anytime!

Link to TTRS here. 

English and Reading will continue to be taught alongside the National Curriculum objectives, with the targetted book - JUMANJI. The SPaG content needing focus, following the Spring Tests will continue to be on Subordinate clauses,  Relative clauses, and Parenthesis (brackets, dashes, commas). In Reading, we will continue to focus on inference and predictions besides being able to give extended answers to the reading questions (a struggling point with many children).