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Religious Education


At St Thomas we follow the Agreed Syllabus for Kirklees, Calderdale and Leeds Diocese. Our intent is to develop children’s understanding and knowledge of different religions as they progress through the school. Our pupils will gain a deeper understanding of Christianity through the teaching of Christian concepts.


Our RE curriculum offers opportunities for pupils to know and understand about other major religions and world views. Our curriculum will enable children to explore answers to thought-provoking questions and develop a confidence to talk about their own beliefs.




The teaching of RE explores units from the Agreed Syllabus which are linked with our curriculum subjects where possible. Each unit creates a great opportunity for pupils to explore a Big Question which becomes more in-depth as children progress through the school. Our teaching encourages pupils to develop their questioning skills and add their own views and opinions to religious topics.


Opportunities are given for children to express their knowledge and understanding using different methods of presentation i.e. music, art, drama / movement, outdoor learning and use of discussion and debate. As part of their development for understanding other religions our pupils also visit places of worship. 


Pupils are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of each unit covered with a related task to carry out. All year groups follow six strands of learning which are linked to the Big Questions. These learning strands are: Happiness – Values and belief – Me – Good and Bad – Faith in Life – The World. These six strands are explored deeper as our pupils move on to different year groups.


We are able to assess their understanding and knowledge as pupil’s progress through each strand and how well they are gaining that deeper understanding. 


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