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Safe Place

Everyone needs to feel safe. This part of our website has been created to make sure that all of our children do this. If you have a look at the pages below, you can can communicate with staff, learn about bullying or online safety, as well as finding out how to be healthy. Have a little look around and see what you can discover!


Your Safety Menu



It's very important that you can feel safe in school and that other children do not behave in an unkind way. We also need to know each other well so that we can celebrate our differences too. We want everyone to be treated equally at St Thomas and there is no person who is more important than any other.

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Internet Safety

Are you safe online? If you use the internet at home it's very important that you know how to keep yourself safe from harm. The internet can be great, but it also bring some dangers that you need to learn about. We will teach you about these in school and your family will help. However, it will be your job to manage the risks carefully as you grow up. This page has some great information to help you.

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Talk to Us

Would you like to share your thoughts? If you go to this page you can contact us if you have any worries or if you would like to make a suggestion. The message goes straight to Mrs Meade and it can then be very easy to help you out. If you do have a worry, it's really important that you share it quickly and properly.

If you want to talk to us, click here.


Your Rights

Everyone has a right! You have a right to be safe, loved and educated. Human rights are really important and so it can be great to know what your rights are. If you are worried that someone is not respecting your rights, then you can contact us.

To find out what your rights are, click here.


Write a Prayer

Why not take a moment to think about life? You can write a prayer on this page and you can even share it if you want to. It can be good to take a minute in your busy life to think about everything that you have or everything that you do.

Click here to write a prayer.

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