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Collective Worship

Our Reflection Trees

Each class has a reflection tree to represent our school vision, 'From tiny seeds, grow mighty trees'. Our Trees have six ornaments, one for each half term - these represent our school values. Our trees are displayed in our classrooms.



reflection tree.png

As a Church of England School, we know how important it is to join together as a whole school for Collective Worship. 

Our Collective Worship time, is seen as a special time. A time for us join together, staff and children, to reflect, think, question and learn. This could be through the bible and the teachings within the Christian faith, or through important events in our school community and the lives of our children. 

All of our Collective Worships are inclusive, and ensure children and staff of any, or no faith feel part of the the time together. We invite children and staff to join in with the liturgy, hymns and prayers if they wish to. 

More information about our Collective Worship can be found in our policy below. 



Our Reflection Tokens


During collective worship we bring our class token to hang on the tree in the hall, to symbolise us coming together as one.

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Our Reflection Areas


To allow opportunity for quiet independent reflection throughout the day we have a range of reflections areas accessible to pupils.


Our 'Tiny Seeds' School Song


Linked to our vision, we often sing our special school song- From tiny seeds grow mighty trees.

We wrote, sang and recorded this song with help from St Thomas' church. 


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