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Welcome to Year 3's Learning Page. 


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Our Topic this half term is:                                      Click the link for our newsletter

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This topic explores what it was like during World War II and the impact it had on children their own age. Children will discuss big questions like 'Why did the war happen?' and look at which countries were involved.

Here are some project ideas for you to carry out at home:

  • Make your own gas mask.

  • Research WW2 propaganda posters. Then have a go at creating your own.

  • Do any of your friends or family have connections with the war? What were their experiences of it?

  • Draw a map an evacuee’s journey from London to the countryside.

  • Compare and contrast the differences of an evacuee’s life in London and the countryside.

  • Research the artist Albert Richards and make a fact file or PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Find some WW2 recipes and have a go at making them.

  • Make a PowerPoint Presentation about the WW2 Blitz.

  • Find out what food was rationed and make a WW2 ration book.

Upload your work and share it on SEESAW.                                     Click on link

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Maths                                                                                                   Click on link

Year 3 are currently working on calculating money amounts then we will be moving on to explore length and perimeter.                                                                    Click on links to websites

MyMaths homework will be set each Friday.

You can also practice your times tables on Time Tables Rockstars website 

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For English we will be following the book The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes and we will be working on diary entries exploring the experiences and feelings of the main character.

Reading - Our class book this half term is 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo. Year 3 will be exploring vocabulary and word meanings from the book as well as developing their reading fluency.

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This half term we will be focusing on how World War II affected the children in the UK. We will be looking at rationing, evacuation and the Blitz as well as exploring how it changed our country and what effects it had.


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For Geography children will locate countries involved in WWII and explore the land use of the forces during that time.

In science Year 3 will be learning about Plants. Children will compare the effect of different factors on plant growth, such as, the amount of light, the amount of fertiliser; discovering how seeds are formed by observing the different stages of plant life cycles over a period of time; looking for patterns in the structure of fruits that relate to how the seeds are dispersed. 

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In Art children will improve their art and design pencil drawing techniques. They will explore and imitate the work of historical artist Albert Richards.

Home / School reading book - We change every Monday and return them Every Thursday 
- Our PE day is on Thursdays. We will be doing athletics. Come to school dressed in your PE Kit
Library Books - Our Library day is Tuesday. Return and change books when you have finished reading them