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Welcome to St Thomas CE (VC) Year 3's Learning Page. 

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Our Topic this half term is:

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This topic is focussed on the history unit about the achievements of the earliest civilisations (Ancient Egyptians)

Here are some project ideas for you to carry out at home:

- Make your own pyramid using different types of brick

- Make a list of treasures you would take to the afterlife and give reasons for your choices

- Make some Egyptian jewellery using different materials

- Make a scarab beetle amulet

- Create a PowerPoint of Ancient Egyptian facts

- Create a timeline of key events

- Find Egypt on the map and write some facts about it

- Make a mummy

- Write a message in hieroglyphs for your teacher

- Find out about three Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt

- Compare and contrast Egypt today and 5000 years ago

- Create your own half animal/half human Egyptian God


     You can upload and share your work on Seesaw


Year 3 are currently developing their Addition and Subtraction skills. Following the White Rose units the children will work out how to add 100 more and 100 less than given numbers and be able to add and subtract 3-digit numbers learning how to cross the 10s or take and make using column methods.

MyMaths homework will be set each Friday.

You can also practice your times tables on Time Tables Rockstars website 

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For English we are following the book The Egyptian Cinderella. Children will develop their story writing skills by imitating, innovating and inventing text. We will also be looking at expanding sentences this half term.

Reading - Continuing with our class book 'An Owl Called Star'. Year 3 will be exploring vocabulary and word meanings from the book.

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For History children will explore the lifestyles of the Ancient Egypt people using simple sources of information such as artefacts, images and books to discuss and answer simple questions throughout this half term.

In science Year 3 will be learning about Light. As part of this unit children will explore how light is needed, the way it can be used and the different ways it can effect our everyday lives.

In Art children will have the opportunity to sketch Ancient Egyptian images and artefacts through observations. Children can create their own printing block and make their own Ancient Egyptian themed repeating patterns.

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Home / School reading book - We change every Monday and return them Every Friday 
- Our PE day is on Tuesdays. We will be doing tennis. Come to school dressed in your PE Kit
Library Books - Our Library day is Tuesday. Return and change books when you have finished reading them