Welcome to St Thomas CE (VC) Year 6's Learning Page. 

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Our Topic this half term is:

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Our Topic this half term is all about the Wonders of the Natural World. We will look at the wonders each week and link those places with geography, art and written tasks.


Y6; Locational Knowledge- identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, northern Hemisphere, Southern hemisphere

Geographical skills and fieldwork-Locate the worlds countries, using maps (locate 7 wonders, related to continents, countries and hemispheres)



Y 6 Art and design-PAINTING

To improve the mastery of art and design techniques

Create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas

Idea- (using different Wonders of the World to create paintings using skills in skills documents)


Y 6; Sc; Light

  • recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines

  • use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye

  • explain that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes

  • use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast themY 6.

Y 6: Sc; Electricity

  • associate the brightness of a lamp or the volume of a buzzer with the number and voltage of cells used in the circuit

  • compare and give reasons for variations in how components function, including the brightness of bulbs, the loudness of buzzers and the on/off position of switches

  • use recognised symbols when representing a simple circuit in a diagram

Skills- Working Scientifically-Year 6- Pupils might work scientifically by: systematically identifying the effect of changing one component at a time in a circuit; designing and making a set of traffic lights, a burglar alarm or some other useful circuit.



This half term we will look at Fractions. This will cover almost all the 7 weeks up to Christmas.

We will order fractions, create equivalent fractions, add and subtract fractions, work with improper and mixed number fractions as well as finding fractions of amounts.

Scroll down to the Autumn set of lessons.

English and Reading

In our Reading lessons, we are following the story GORILLA DAWN.

It's a fabulous book that looks at children in the Congo and their struggle to escape from a brutal fighter called the Black Mamba.

We will discuss the issues of child soldiers, Coltan mining and the plight of the wildlife in the Africa rainforests, including the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

For Writing this half term, our focus is on the book The Viewer. You can find videos on YouTube of people reading the text allowed if you'd like to hear the story. We will use this book to describe, write dialogue and eventually create a short story.

Other Useful Information

PE - Dance - We are looking at dances linked to our Natural Wonders. It will be in the hall on a Tuesday, so indoor shoes and PE are needed.

Computing - We are using a program called Tinker Cad. It's completely free to use at home and allows pupils to create 3D models and designs. We have a class login for school but feel free to sign up and try it at home too. 

Music - We are following the Charanga music scheme, with the focus this half term being Glockenspiels and learning a simple Jazz piece. If you have a metal xylophone with the Notes C to C, these are almost identical to the simple version of the glockenspiel that we have in school. Find some simple songs online and have a go at using them.