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Our Topic this half term is:


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This topic explores the history of World War II. Children will learn about the countries involved in the Second World War and the impact on its people.

Never Forget.

  • Research WW2 propaganda posters. Then have a go at creating your own.

  • Do any of your friends or family remember the war? What were their experiences of it?

  • Map an evacuee’s journey from London to the countryside.

  • Compare and contrast an evacuee’s life in London and the countryside.

  • Research the artist Albert Richards.

  • Find some WW2 recipes and have a go at making them.

  • Make a PowerPoint about the WW2 Blitz.

Make a WW2 ration book.

Upload your work and share it on SEESAW.


     You can upload and share your work on Seesaw

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This half term we will be continuing to learn decimals before moving on to money and time. Please continue the good work with multiplication, which is especially important as we get very close to the national times tables tests in June. It is of particular importance for children to practise TTRockstars regularly, especially the soundchecks which reflect the tests

The overviews and lessons follow the White Rose Maths plans closely.

The link to their site with home learning on can be found here:

Scroll down to the Summer set of lessons.

Reading & Writing

This half term in English we will be reading  ‘Rose Blanche’ by Robert

Innocenti and Ian McEwan. We will be writing letters and also creating

our own narrative based on the book.


In Geography we will be looking at the locations of the countries involved in WWII.


We will be looking at the impact of the war on people’s lives.


In science, Year 4 will be learning about living things and their habitats, discovering how to group and classify different species in the local and wider environment.

Homework will be weekly, set on a Friday and completed on Spellings will be on seesaw. Home readers should be returned on a Thursday so that new books can be handed out on a Friday.

On a Friday afternoon, in class, we will be doing a Kahoot quiz based on the previous week's learning. The quiz will then be placed on seesaw for the children to attempt at home. 


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