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Our Topic this half term is:



Our topic this half term is a The curse of the Mummy's tomb. We will be learning about the life and times of the Ancient Egyptians. We will be reading Secrets of a Sun King in English.

Below are some activities you could complete at home:

  • Make your own pyramid using different types of brick

  • Make a list of treasures you would take to the afterlife and give reasons for your choices

  • Make some Egyptian jewellery using different materials

  • Make a scarab beetle amulet

  • Create a PowerPoint

  • Create a timeline of key events

  • Find Egypt on the map and write some facts about it

  • Make a mummy

  • Write a message in hieroglyphs to your teacher

  • Find out about three Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt

  • Compare and contrast Egypt today and 5000 years ago

  • Create your own half animal/half human Egyptian god

  • Create anything else about our topic that you would like

PE will be football on a Monday this half term, but we will no longer be doing GROW.

Reading books should be returned on a Friday, ready to be re-distributed on a Monday.


This half term we will be looking at completing addition and subtraction before moving on to measurement, length and perimeter.

The overviews and lessons follow the White Rose Maths plans closely.

The link to their site with home learning on can be found here:

Scroll down to the Autumn set of lessons.

Homework will be weekly, set on a Friday and completed on

On a Friday afternoon in class we will be doing a Kahoot quiz based on the previous week's learning. The quiz will then be placed on seesaw for the children to attempt at home.