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A Church School

Why is our Church of England school special?

Our Distinctive Church School


We welcome children, staff and their families and friends to our school whatever their faith or tradition. Our school aims to give all pupils experience and knowledge of the Christian Faith explicitly through our Worship and RE and implicitly through our behaviour and attitudes throughout our school day. We believe that our children enjoy the stories and morals of the bible and teachings of Jesus Christ. This supports their personal development, our school togetherness and their engagement with the modern world.

In the spring of 2010 we began discussions about the name of our new school. St Thomas was chosen to strengthen our links with the church and to celebrate our relationship, bringing our community closer together. Our work together with the church provides holistic support for all of our children’s spiritual development through regular collective worship and celebrations at church.


The story of St Thomas also serves to enable our children to further their learning by asking questions of the World, interrogating life’s adventure. Thomas was the one who did not believe Jesus, doubting his resurrection. He asked questions and declared his confusion until Jesus provided the evidence. At this point, he committed himself whole-heartedly to the truth. This story makes good sense to our children and encourages them to challenge, ask questions and to pursue their own personal understanding of the world. It is vital that we introduce children to other faiths, demystifying any misconceptions and identifying common similarities and purposes. This enables them to make their own judgements based from a sound point of knowledge. Again we encourage respect, questioning and visits to other faiths to give an experience to the children that will help them to develop their own personal values and beliefs. We promote respect for all our similarities and differences as a community, both in the school and as part of the wider world. Questioning and understanding about all aspects of faith and wonder is encouraged from everyone.


Under God, education should be at the heart of the Diocese, with children, young people and school communities feeling a valued and fulfilled part of the Diocesan family. Good practice should be disseminated, with a clear understanding of the difference a Church school can make to the spiritual, moral and educational development of its pupils. The Board should strive to be at the forefront nationally and have a care for Christians working in community schools.


Richard Noake, Diocesan Director of Education

For more about the Diocese in Huddersfield, click here.

St Thomas' Church, Bradley

St Thomas Bradley is a Church called by God to live out the Gospel of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, using the gifts that God is giving his Church, through prayer, praise and worship. Based on discovering and celebrating Gods revealed purpose for our lives led by a team of worship leaders and a lively music group. Children are very much part of our worshiping Church, taking part in the services and in their own special groups. We are a Church that strives very much to be an active part of the community, by reaching into Bradley and welcoming groups into the Church building.


To view the St Thomas' Church website, click here

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