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Information for Parents

Working Together


Our school works hard to create strong and positive relationships with our families. From the day that children join the school, we prioritise family collaboration. Whether it is to support our families through multi-agency working, to share ideas about how to help children to reach their potential or to assist and support any additional needs. Our school is a community school and so we are always happy to talk.

It's really important that we are able to find out what your thoughts are about school life. To do this, we often have questionnaires that give families the chance to share any concerns or worries and also to let us know if you think that we are doing a good job. When we receive a concern, we follow things up quickly. When we receive any feedback, it's good for us to see if we can make any adjustments that can help. This is just one example of us working together. Thank you to everyone who contributes.

West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner


West Yorkshire's Police & Crime Plan

2016-2021 (Click here for full version)

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