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Our intent is to encourage a life-long learning of languages among our pupils in order to enhance their understanding of the world and their future economic well-being. Our main objective in the teaching of a modern foreign language at primary school is to promote the early development of linguistic competence and an understanding of other cultures.  We use language to support us in this.

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All pupils in KS2 learn French for no less than 40 minutes per week. This time is made up of mainly dedicated language lessons, but sometimes cross-curricular approaches and using language for real purposes in daily classroom routines. French is taught by the class teacher. Teachers plan their lessons using the ilanguages scheme of work and can supplement this with their own ideas and experience, as well as those of their colleagues.


The lessons are designed to motivate, captivate and interest children from the first moment. They have clear, achievable objectives and incorporate different learning styles to approach oracy, literacy and intercultural understanding.

Dates are shown in KS2 classrooms in both French & English every day. Key places around the school are labelled in French. Lessons begin with a Review (Revoir) and end with a Reflect (Refleter), in line with school expectations. 


We measure the impact of our curriculum through monitoring the three core strands - oracy, literacy and intercultural understanding.


Lesson drop ins.


Outcomes of on-going teacher assessments using the resources on ilanguages.


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