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Sport and PE at St Thomas

The staff and children at St Thomas love sport. Read on to find out why this is an important part of our school day.

For all children, sport is important. We think that our children should grow up enjoying physical activity and experiencing personal success. We also want to see that out children are able to adopt a healthy lifestyle - one where they can discover their talents and have a life-long love of sport. We support each element with the sports premium funding. To do this we take great consideration in making sure that our provision makes the school day special and that the children have chances to participate in their houses, teams, after-school clubs and also through our focused curriculum. Within our curriculum, we have taken two critical aspects of development and created a programme of study that runs throughout each year group. These key themes include tennis, rugby, orienteering and swimming. You can read more about why we created these themes below. We also have a wide range of additional opportunities through our partnership work. There's also more information about our partners below.



This academic year has seen the inception of the St Thomas Tennis Academy. Tennis can be a difficult sport to access for many children and yet we think that it is the best way to develop some core skills. Tennis is a striking and fielding game and it helps to develop individual coordination, as each player is constantly involve in play.
The idea behind the academy is that every child from the age of 5 until they leave the school will have access to Tennis lessons, competitions, and visits to Tennis events.The first year has been a resounding success. Every child in the school  has received Tennis Lessons from LTA qualified coach Andy Smith and  had the option to attend an after school tennis club. In addition to this 6 children from each year group have been selected to attend extra lessons and competitions at Rastrick Tennis Club, where some have now become members. Furthermore in June a fantastic opportunity has arisen for the school to take thirty children to Ilkley Tennis Club to have tennis lessons on grass courts, followed by watching part of the Aegon Ilkley Trophy, a precursor to Wimbledon, which will include some of Britain’s victorious Davis Cup side.


The St Thomas Rugby Academy is an initiative set up to introduce the concept of Rugby as in years gone by Rugby was a sport taught at Secondary school and even now is still only taught at certain high schools. In addition to this, most schools will focus solely on teaching the specifics of Rugby Union or Rugby League. At St Thomas, we believe that it’s the fundamentals from both codes which are important, giving of all pupils the opportunity at KS2 to participate in a sport which promotes a number of skills in addition to teamwork, fitness and fun. This area of the curriculum is considered to be an 'invasion game', which is a key part of learning to work within a team. Thanks to a high level of quality coaching, staff from St Thomas and the Huddersfield Giants work hard to deliver a programme (based on Tag Rugby) which gives our pupils a taste for more and an enjoyable experience they’ll never forget. With lots of freedom, no restrictions or complications, the St Thomas Rugby Academy is a great place to introduce Rugby.

"It’s great fun and you learn new things every week, I really enjoy myself - it’s 10/10." Eva  - Y6.

“ I think it’s a really good club, we gain experience and it brings people together." Callum Y5.

"It is awesome and cool. I really like Rugby.” Kiera Y4.

“It was fun and I enjoyed it. I liked playing against other teams in the St Thomas Rugby festival. Learning to play Rugby means I can play against my Dad.” Ellis Y3.

Orienteering and Mountaineering

The St Thomas Three Peaks Challenge gives every child in the school the opportunity to climb the Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks. We have our own fully qualified Mountain Leader in school to lead each expedition.  Children taking part do so by choice and on a Saturday. The Three Peaks are Pen-y-Ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside.  They are all 600 metres above sea level, situated in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and well known.

Climbing the Three Peaks is a serious and unusual challenge for primary school aged children.  Each child has to be properly equipped with boots, waterproofs, warm clothing, high energy food and a rucksack. From Bradley it is just possible for us to climb one peak as a day trip.  We climb a peak each year in order of height and present a medal for each peak climbed.


                                                                                                         Pen-y-ghent – Year 4 June (bronze)

                                                                                                         Ingleborough – Year 5 April (silver)

                                                                                                         Whernside – Year 6 September (gold)


We are now celebrating our first two groups of children that have completed the challenge. These children in Year 6, who have climbed all Three Peaks, get the opportunity to meet a local sporting celebrity (eg from Huddersfield Giants or Town), who presents a gift to each child.





The objective is to make sure that every child can swim 100 metres. To do this our children swim from Year 3 through to Year 5, with some additional sessions where required.


We have a record to be proud of at St Thomas. Over the last six years, 100% of the children have learned to swim.


We also make sure that those children who have a particular skill in this area, have an opportunity to represent the school in our annual swimming gala.

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