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Read our most recent Ofsted inspection report - March 2014.

OFSTED report - March 2014
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Our school works closely with the other schools around us to provide additional opportunities for our children. To find out about who we work with, and what we do click here...

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The story of our curriculum - Three years ago we started again with our school curriculum. We decided that we wanted to undertake a process that created a bespoke curriculum for all of our children and by our children. The idea was to make it as interesting as possible and to tie together all of the aspects of the curriculum, in a new and meaningful way. To get things right, we couldn't just go and buy one, so we made our own, based on the expertise and creativity that we have here at St Thomas. Each theme has been carefully constructed to ensure that the children love their learning, generating questions, exploring and discovering. This means that the children quickly become involved in their own learning and that the opportunities for the topic can grow. Our children begin their learning by investigating in preparation before the topic begins, bringing some knowledge into the initial learning. The home-learning folders support family involvement with a fortnightly brief that includes model making, computing, reading and research as well as the application of key skills. Every unit has aspects of spiritual development and self-reflection as well as art, music and outdoor learning. British Values have a key place in our topics, and enhance our very multicultural school and community The teachers carefully enhance the learning with school trips and visitors for every half term.

We're very proud of what we've made and our children seem to really love it. Have a look at the posters to get an idea of how we do it.





Curriculum Policy 2016 rev 17.docx
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Promoting British Values at St Thomas CE VC Primary School
Promoting British Values at St Thomas CE[...]
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Current Themes

Our curriculum is special and unique, however does meet all statutory requirements as this document shows.
Mapping statutory content to our curricu[...]
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Early Years Foundation Stage

All About Me

A lovely start to the year - a wonderful opportunity to welcome our newcomers into nursery and to find out about them. For our reception children lots of chances to explore our wonderful outdoor environment more and show us what they are interested in and want to learn about. In these early days in particular, meeting and building relationships with parents is important, so we can support the children's learning together. Real learning will come through lots of hands on learning. and exploration both inside and out.



Years 1 and 2

Autumn Story

A wonderful time of the year to learn about the beautiful world around us and the wonderful people in it (including in school!).

Science is about how the world is changing around us for the year ones, whilst year twos explore the animals which live in school grounds and beyond, and what they need to keep them alive and healthy. Geographical skills will be improved by looking at the school grounds and the natural features we have - the lovely trees for example. All the children will learn more about painting, using Van Gogh's work as a stimulus. A very busy and cross curricular start to the year, with lots of real learning.





Years 3 and 4

A Matter of Life and Death.

The name of this topic really grabs the children. The learning is about what living things need to be alive and keep alive, but some of the learning is channelled through birds of prey. The chidlren will be reading a lovely story called 'Sky Hawk' and doing related work. Design Technology involves  creating a healthy snack, then making and evaluating it. For music there is a wealth of songs about food and eating which we will enjoy learning and performing.The whole half term has an exciting cross curricular approach, with many opportunties for real learning, both inside and out.

Years 5 and 6

Family Photos

Lots of real opportunties to learn about ourselves, our families and our wider community. We will learn lots about different sorts of families and strengthen British Values. Science revolves around living things; for year 5 - lifecyles. For year 6 - classifying and grouping. All the children will be improving their observational drawing skills in art. An exciting start to the year with a very cross curricular approach.

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