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Read our most recent Ofsted inspection report - March 2014.

OFSTED report - March 2014
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The story of our curriculum - Two years ago we started again with our school curriculum. We decided that we wanted to undertake a process that created a bespoke curriculum for all of our children. The idea was to make it as interesting as possible and to tie together all of the aspects of the curriculum, in a new and meaningful way. To get things right, we couldn't just go and buy one, so we made our own, based on the expertise and creativity that we have here at St Thomas. Each theme has been carefully constructed to ensure that the children love their learning, generating questions, exploring and discovering. This means that the children quickly become involved in their own learning and that the opportunities for the topic can grow. Our children begin their learning by investigating in preparation before the topic begins, bringing some knowledge into the initial learning. The home-learning folders support family involvement with a fortnightly brief that includes model making, computing, reading and research as well as the application of key skills. Every unit has aspects of spiritual development and self-reflection as well as art, music and outdoor learning. The teachers carefully enhance the learning with school trips and visitors for every half term.

We're very proud of what we've made and our children seem to really love it. Have a look at the posters to get an idea of how we do it.





Curriculum Policy 2016.docx
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Current Themes

Our curriculum is special and unique, however does meet all statutory requirements as this document shows.
Mapping statutory content to our curricu[...]
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Early Years Foundation Stage

Spring into Spring

What a fascinating topic for the children. The first day back they would 10 hens eggs in an incubator in their classroom. The fun began...watching them hatch. There was so much excitement when that first chick pecked a hole in the shell then gradually climbed out. Since them we have another 8 chicks. The children have enjoyed cuddling them and hand feeding them, as well as learning hand about life cycles. Just a sample of the very full curriculum for our younger children!



Years 1 and 2

How Does Your Garden Grow?

What better time of year than now to use our lovely school grounds and opportunities for outdoor learning. A wealth of science work will be undertaken. Also Y1 will be looking for a final time at seasonal change outside the classroom window. Andy Goldsworthy will be a great inspiration for topic work.






Years 3 and 4

The Tour de Yorkshire, passing right by our school this month, has given us a fantastic hook for this topic. English work will be focussed on 'Erics Big Day' and newspaper reports. Science work will help us learn how to keep fit and healthy. The big challenge - a Tour de Yorkshire, all 422 km of it in our school gorunds will be a huge challenge as the chidlren use their maths lessons to work out circuit lengths, keep tallies of riders and calculate the total distance cycled on the day!

Years 5 and 6

World Kitchen.

A fantastic opportunity to share the culinary expertise of children and parents in school as we learn about food from their countries of origin. Science work will focus on healthy diets and how we keep ourselves fit.

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