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All changes are subject to review or reversal in line with local or national guidelines


Dear Parents / Carers.


As the country as a whole begins to loosen Covid-19 restrictions we are reviewing our own practice and making some

tentative changes. When deciding on any change we have kept four things in mind:

  • The safety of our pupils, staff and school community
  • The quality of the provision we can offer
  • The impact on learning
  • The pressure on staffing




With immediate effect:

Allow staff to arrange tables to match learning needs.

Full movement allowed within classrooms.

Our assessments have shown some considerable gaps and many staff feel that group work and group interventions will help children make accelerated progress.


Very little child to child transmission reported in schools.

Children remain in class bubbles.

With immediate effect:

Allow Reception children to mix in the outdoor area.

All the children need equal access to the provision. Staffing restrictions make supervision of two distinct areas impossible and restricts quality of provision.


Very little child to child transmission in this age group.

Staff are already having to work across bubbles.

From 17 May

Increase outdoor bubble size to 60 but stay as individual bubbles inside for track and trace purposes.

To ease pressure on staffing.

To allow children to make or re-establish friendships across the year group in preparation for mixing classes next year.


It will be difficult to track close contact outside but we will be in line with the country. Parks and outdoor play areas are fully open without track and trace.

From 17 May

Face masks no longer required on the yard (staff will still wear them).

Those wishing to have a longer chat will be asked to wear a mask.


Masks not required if distancing outside.

Masks not required in other busy outdoor areas.


Parents can choose to still wear masks.

Parents do need to be aware of distancing.

Masks still required inside school (this includes Miss Kane’s reception area).

From 7 June

Open inside provision in Early Years and work as one bubble.

Quality of provision is being impacted by indoor restraints.

More opportunity for children to mix - needed to prepare for mixing classes in September.


Very little transition in this age group.

Staff are already having to work across bubbles.

From 7 June

Reception and Year 1 will eat in the dining hall with traditional dinner service back in place.


Key skill which children are missing out on.

To help children prepare for wider mixing when allowed.


Children will still sit in bubbles.

The rooms are very easy to air.

Low numbers using the facilities means no double use of tables.

From 7 June

Introduce Learning Mentor interventions across year groups.


Support with closing identified gaps.


Increases the bubbles children are in.

Need to keep accurate registers for track/trace

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