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Next Phase of Opening


Update 11/6/2020 - Guidelines for the Parents of Children Attending School from 15 June 2020



Before coming to school

  • Remind your child about social distancing
  • Talk about high expectations regarding behaviour
  • Tell them the teachers are really looking forward to seeing them
  • Remind them adults will smile, wave, sing and maybe even dance, but hugs and high fives won’t be happening
  • Talk about their group/bubble which they will be staying within – they will only see other children / adults from a distance
  • Talk about handwashing and its importance


Dropping off and Picking up

  • Arrive at the door at the allocated time - these are carefully staggered and arriving early or late will increase numbers on site unnecessarily
  • Please stay back from the doors while you wave and watch your child in
  • Make drop offs and pick ups short and sweet, teachers will be at the doors to welcome the children, parents should stay as far back as possible
  • Do not congregate to chat with other parents on the yard, please maintain social distancing guidelines
  • If you have any concerns please phone the school and your child’s teacher will call you back
  • The school office is closed to visitors but you are welcome to phone or email if you have any concerns or questions



  • Our behaviour policy remains the same within classrooms
  • Any behaviour which would warrant being removed from the classroom to spend time with other adults / classes cannot be safely accommodated, therefore any child whose behaviour crosses this line will be sent home immediately


COVID-19 Symptoms

  • Your child must NOT attend school if they, or anyone in your household, is displaying Covid-19 symptoms - please follow the self-isolating and testing guidance from the government and keep school informed
  • If your child becomes ill at school they will be isolated with a member of staff wearing PPE and you will be asked to collect them immediately - please ensure your contact details are up to date



  • We would like the children to wear school uniform but understand that it may be difficult to get replacement items at the moment so we will be taking a flexible "If it fits - wear it" approach
  • The children will need to bring a jumper / cardigan as we will be keeping windows open for ventilation
  • Your child may spend some time outside so please provide a sun hat and/or sun cream when necessary




Update 3/6/2020 - Partial Re-opening from 15 June



Dear Parents and Carers,


From the 15th of June we will be opening for our nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 children. 


Our intention is to offer a two and a half hour daily school session for each pupil. This means that we can manage the process in the safest possible way. We would look to make adjustments as we then proceed, based on the government guidance. I realise that the approach has been cautious, however it has been based on the most secure scientific advice as well as considering the children and families who are most at risk. This means that we can avoid any added risks related to lunchtime supervision and the possibility of transmission through contact or food preparations. We hope this allows families to gain confidence when sending their children back to school.


We now need to know who will attend before setting the groups. Once your child is registered, they will be put into either a morning or afternoon group and we will notify you next week to let you know what time your session starts. We will do our best to put them alongside their friends. Your child may not be taught by their usual teacher due to the group sizes, however every group will be taught by one of our teachers, supported by another adult. The sessions will be productive and will involve a 'recovery curriculum' that allows them to reintegrate, relax and stay well as well practising their core skills. This means some time working on reading, writing, numbers and topics. For children who will require a free school meal, and are not currently in receipt of vouchers, the school will be able to provide a packed lunch. This arrangement will be established once we have the children in school.


We would once again like to make clear that pupils not attending school will not be penalised. 


This provision has been designed to be able to accommodate the other year groups at a later date, which the government has stated their intentions to do so. We thank you for your support. We have tried to put our community first by carefully reducing any risk.


Best wishes,

Mr Rushby



Will your child be attending school from 15 June?


Please fill in the form below to advise us if your child will be attending school from 15 June - we are aware that you may have completed a similar form a couple of weeks ago but would be grateful if you could complete another even if your answer hasn't changed.





Update 29/5/2020 - Partial Re-opening from 1 June


Dear Parents and Carers.


As you will know we have been prepraring to increase the amount of children on site from next week. 


The decision has been made to postpone this provision until the 15th of June. This is because this allows for the safest possible school setting for all of our children and staff. This decision is based on the most recent independent advice within the SAGE group report. This makes clear that this delay can allow for the infection rate to be halved. This report also states that any opening pior to this date could see the R rate increase above 1 and that the governments 'Track and Trace' system should dictate forthcoming decisions. Many schools and local authorities have taken the decision to move the date to the 15th of June given this information.


There are a number of other very specific factors that all relate to this decision, such as the fact that a significant amout of our families fit within the identified vulnerable groups. This does make our school very different to other schools in other places.


It is very important that that our school provision can be the safest place for our children to learn. It is critical that we act on the best advice possible and that this process can be managed without compromise. School will re-open, and when it does, it's important that all confidence levels are sufficiently high. 


Key worker provision will be sustained, and has been running ever since the wider closure. It is important that we can still prioritise these families in recognition for the care and consideration that they are providing for the community.


I would once again want to make clear that this decision has been made in the interest of safety.


Best wishes,

Mr Rushby




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