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To all parents, carers and children, I've taken to broadcasting a few things to help with our situation. I hope that this does not seem too egocentric and that you can understand why this may work. Over the last week I have had to communicate and manage some big things. It's hard to deliver such messages in the right way. I thought that this may help and it allows me to say 'hello' to the children.

Mr Rushby

School Next Week


Parents and carers,


This broadcast is intended to give an idea of how we plan to move forwards next week. When you watch this and consider the key points, it's very important to remember that these plans are very different from the norm. Schools have been asked to open and we will do our best given these expectations. We must put safety first and so this arrangement is far from 'normal' school life. This means once again that this provision is an offer and a choice. I feel that our plan does a good job of taking into consideration how people are feeling about this prospect, 


We do not know what is around the corner and so we need to be cautious in our approach. I will put out the specific details about school over the weekend in detail as I just wanted to touch base with you today.I would hop that you can fully appeciate the decisions made and our intentions.


Thankyou for your support

Mr Rushby

Mr Rushby's update - 13/5/20. I hope that I can help to offer a bit of insight about school opening and what we are seeing in the news. After our Teacher calls last week, I'd also like to share some suggestions for motivating children and helping to provide learning through continuous provision.

A few important things for this week - A quick chat, consider a bit of project based learning? And those mean Victorian Mill owners causing trouble!

<A moment to think about what happens next. Updates for parents and a few other things that will hopefully help to keep things moving in the near future. Keeping up appearances with the obligatory St Thomas tie.

A chance to say hello to the children and to have a chat about some really simple and important ways to do some maths. Very easy and allows the children the chance to explore numbers, which can be difficult to do sometimes in a classroom setting. I hope that this helps and I am very sorry about my haircut.

Broadcast 2. 1. Thanks 2.Hello 3.Great idea

Thanks to everyone in what has been a very different week. I hope that you are well and that I can help a bit with how you help your child at home.

Broadcast number 1: Today's agenda- Current 'critical' support for families, Free school meals and managing children at home.

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