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And finally...

Parents and Carers,


Here's my final broadcast for you. I hope that you don't mind me taking a moment in this to celebrate the fact that our school is 10 years old now. This is something that could have gotten a little bit lost in all of this drama. We have much to celebrate and much to be proud of in our corner of town.


As I consider leaving this Friday it's fair to say that I didn't ever think that it would be like this. A number of families have talked to me about this situation and I've had to be philosophical about it. This means that I look at my 18 years in this school and I leave knowing that I've done the job that I was asked to do. This is the most rewarding and satisfying feeling that I could have ever hoped to imagine, and it's also the reason why leaving is emotional. I also feel that it was right to stay and manage the pandemic, and I thank you for your unwaivering support in these testing times. Here in school we have not had to suffer any criticism, which has been remarkable, given the worry and uncertainty that we have all had to live with. Thankfully, everyone who has been in school has gone home healthy, which was always the measure of this uncertain task.


As a boy from Bradford who didn't always have it easy at school, I always felt committed to looking after anyone else who could ever feel the same way. I often suffered low self-esteem in the classroom due the clumsiness of certain teachers. I consider myself a champion for anyone who has ever felt this way because as you grow up, you realise that it needn't be so. I also think that this is why I'm very well suited to this community, because life isn't always straight forward for so many people. This means that if anyone says that something can't be done or that you're not good enough, even if this is implied and not stated, I'm going to be right there to prove them wrong. I hope that I have instilled some of this pride in your children and that they will have learned that it simply takes this belief, effort and hard work to be better at anything. If we do this, then we never have to worry about who is top of the class because we can spend our life constantly self-improving, with little worry about what anyone else thinks. I would also say that if our children can couple this with care and compassion for others, which I see everyday in our school, then we have a fantastic blueprint for success. We should also remember that sometimes we also have to get things wrong to get things right, I have learned that this is what we call humility and that this is a lovely and important personal quality to embrace.


Thank you to our team of staff who make this school what it is. For such a serious job, I've been lucky to walk into this school every day and to be greeted with positivity and compassion. There is so much I could say about their support and loyalty over the years. Thank you to our Governors who have always demonstrated their care and support for me, particularly the wonderful Mrs Scott, who has always astounded me with her selflessness. Thank you to our families, with whom I have a relationship that is rooted in mutual respect, good humour, and consideration - even on the days when I have had to be the tough headteacher guy.


For the children in our school, and all of those that I have looked after over the years, I'm with you all the way! I became a teacher because I was told that I was good with children and, when this is where your teaching career starts, the rest can be learned.


I will leave you with a few thoughts in my video. I make no excuses for my silliness if it means that the children enjoy it. 


Mr Rushby



Parent's and Carers

A chance to have a little catch up and to keep you in the picture.

Mr Rushby


Mr Rushby's update - 13/5/20. I hope that I can help to offer a bit of insight about school opening and what we are seeing in the news. After our Teacher calls last week, I'd also like to share some suggestions for motivating children and helping to provide learning through continuous provision.

A few important things for this week - A quick chat, consider a bit of project based learning? And those mean Victorian Mill owners causing trouble!

<A moment to think about what happens next. Updates for parents and a few other things that will hopefully help to keep things moving in the near future. Keeping up appearances with the obligatory St Thomas tie.

A chance to say hello to the children and to have a chat about some really simple and important ways to do some maths. Very easy and allows the children the chance to explore numbers, which can be difficult to do sometimes in a classroom setting. I hope that this helps and I am very sorry about my haircut.

Broadcast 2. 1. Thanks 2.Hello 3.Great idea

Thanks to everyone in what has been a very different week. I hope that you are well and that I can help a bit with how you help your child at home.

Broadcast number 1: Today's agenda- Current 'critical' support for families, Free school meals and managing children at home.

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