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Every two weeks, our children will bring home their green folder together with a list of exciting and creative tasks linked to their work and topic in class.


How it works...


Each learning will last for two weeks and will consist of challenges and activities that all relate to the learning in class. There are many opportunities to celebrate talent as the children build, create and demonstrate their skills. This is a great way to spend time together and to enjoy learning. The folder provided has a pad inside so that our children can practice their school work. 

The children return their folders every two weeks to show the teacher what they have done. It's not all about the work done though, it's all about the time spent to make the effort. Work completed is marked and celebrated with dojo points and merits. 


Using the Green Folders


Working with your child on project and topic work can be done in many ways.

This approach often helps your child to learn and develop skills in a fun way.

Here at St Thomas we like to see our children and families being creative.

Building, painting, researching and using computers can all be great ways to help your child to learn as well as spending quality time together.

Maths Calculation Policy

At St Thomas we use specific methods to help teach the children calculations in Maths for; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

 To help you when helping your child at home with any Maths work here is a copy of our Calculation Policy;

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