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Our Topic this half term is: Me and My Community 

In Nursery this half term we are focusing on the topic

'Me and My Community'. This project supports children with

settling into the new rules and routines of school and encourages

them to make new friends and feel confident in their class.

It teaches children about being helpful, kind and thoughtful at

home and at school. This project also teaches children how they

are unique and special, the importance of friendship and how people in

their family, school and local community are important and can help


We will be thinking about our school community and who are the grown ups and pupils that make up St Thomas. Promoting confidence to try new activities and show independence, resilience and perseverance in the face of a challenge. Build constructive and respectful relationships and talk about the people who are special in our lives. We will be thinking about how everyone is different and special. What makes you similar or different to others.   


  • All families are special and unique.

  • There are adults in our community who help us.

  • The emergency services help us.

  • The emergency services include the fire service, the police and paramedics.

  • To call the emergency services, dial 999.

  • Other people who help us are doctors, nurses, teachers and postal worker

Look out for the fun, weekly activities on our learning journal 'Seesaw'!

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In Nursery the focus on maths begins with the early recognition of number, using numbers within play and focusing on numbers to 5. We explore lots of our maths through the numberblocks, numicon and different counting materials.

We will be working on Measure – length, long and short, height – tall and short, capacity – full, half full and empty.

We will be practising counting numbers to 5 forwards and backwards, counting 1-1 by touching objects and matching them with the corresponding number.

We will subitise (knowing how many without counting) 

 Here's a few things you could try at home:

  • This is a counting, matching and ordering game using 1-5 initially[SM1] 


  • Make collections of objects up to 7 and matching them to the correct number.

  • Subitise (this means knowing rather than counting out) Being able to pick up 1,2,3 4,5 objects and knowing it is 1,2,3,4,5. 

  • Practise writing numbers up to 5.

  • Make some number cards – place them in order, find the missing number, what number comes next?

  • Do some baking or find heavy and light objects in your house and post some pictures on Seesaw.

  • Fill containers with water, pasta, sand etc full, empty, half full.

  • Sing some number songs - Google BBC schools radio/counting rhymes


This half term we are continuing to practise writing our names and concentrating on holding a pencil correctly.

We are making recognisable marks and knowing what our writing says - we call this emergent writing.

Can your child draw a picture and add some writing?



Share a book daily with your child. Let them tell you the story using the pictures.

We are thinking about initial letter sounds - can your child tell you what sound an object begins with? What sound does their name start with?

Remember we are doing Tommy's Reading Challenge in Nursery and you have had your Reading Challenge sheets.

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