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             Year 6 Homework


          Remote Learning Page


             Here to help you keep learning away from school


Welcome to Year 6's Learning Page. 


Here you'll find the key learning that is happening within class and what you can be doing at home if you find yourself or your bubble isolating for any period of time.


Work will be set from school on Seesaw, so that is the first port of call for any work. You'll find links to long term planning and resources on this page as well as topic information, general resources for Year 6 and ideas to keep pupils happy and healthy at home.


If you need any more support with your remote learning such as your log in details, please email your teacher at, or message us through your DB Primary Email. 


Thank you, Mrs Fullwood and Mr Boosey



HTAFC - Healthy Living Activity Pack
Huddersfield Town Foundation have sent over their activity pack that we would normally be using in school. As we aren't open fully, we are making it available for you to use at home.
Download the PDF document and follow the tasks. If you'd like a printed copy from school, contact your teacher at and we can arrange that to be left in reception to be collected.
Huddersfield Town Foundation - Healthy L[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [527.5 KB]

Does your busy brain need a break for 5 minutes?? Why not try these activities.....

  • Using only 3 colours create a squiggly picture and colour it in.
  • Grab your favourite book and read or look at the pictures and tell the story in your head.
  • Draw a picture of you doing your favourite hobby, game or pastime.
  • Take a picture or draw the most important thing you have.
  • Find 3 yellow, 3 red and 3 blue items and make a pattern out of them.
  • Look for nature out of your window. What is the weather like today? What are the trees and plants doing? Can you see any birds or other animals passing by?
  • Ask someone in your house if you could do something to help? E.g  Make a bed, sort the washing or tidy a room in the house.
  • Listen to a piece of music and dance along, or close your eyes and relax as you listen.




There are tonnes of great websites that have games you can play that can support your learning this week, have a look at some….

Maths- Quick Recall of lots of number facts- 

English- Poetry Zone-

Spellings- Year 6 SATs words to learn- 

Computing- Improve your typing -



Weekly Homework


Each week your teacher will set you homework tasks on the My Maths website.


You will always have an activity which you should be familiar

with and one which will stretch you more!


Remember to log on to TT Rockstars and practise your x-tables

This website also has some good games to play.....

Remote Learning


If you are at home for longer period of time, waiting for a test result or staying safe in quarantine, you will find your weekly learning here. You will need to complete a maths activity each day.


In school, we follow the White Rose scheme of Learning, so our first units of for maths this half-term are all about RATIO. We will be moving onto STATISTICS after that, with a focus on graphs, tables, charts and data.


These short  video lessons will help you see what we are doing in class.


Your teacher will add extra MyMaths activities to match the work being completed in class. Do this each day to make sure you keep up with the work being completed in school.



Weekly Homework


You can read to yourself, read to a family member or listen to someone else read, but try to read every day.


A full digital reading library is available on Oxford Owls and you can access as many books as you like. 

If you prefer traditional books you will be given a book each Monday, please return it on a Friday.


6B's password and login can be requested using the year6 email address.



Remote Learning

If you are at home for longer period of time, waiting for a test result or staying safe in quarantine, you will find your weekly learning here. You will need to complete a reading activity each day.


In class we are reading GORILLA DAWN by GIll Lewis


If you are working at home we will try to get a copy of the book to you so you can complete the work we are covering in class, or we may email a particular paragraph or page.It's likely we will copy pages onto SeeSaw for you to read and work from.


Ask your parent to check their emails.

There will also be tasks on Seesaw, please check your app regularly.


Our Year 6 spellings this half term are:  


Weekly Homework


This website has some fun games to play too-

Why not try keeping a diary of your  day? You could add pictures, drawings and write down what you've been doing and feeling. 




Remote Learning

If you are at home for longer period of time, waiting for a test result or staying safe in quarantine, you will find your weekly learning here. You will need to complete a writing activity each day.



We will be focused on the book The Rain Player soon. We will be able to work through the book on SeeSaw and then set work there. Our focus is story telling and short narratives


Ask your parent to check their emails.

Our Seesaw app is now fully up and running and his will help us share work and activities.





Our Topic and other learning


Our topic this half term is 'Mighty Mayans'.


During this fantastic topic, we will be learning all about this ancient civilisation. Who they were, where they lived, what they ate, how the became so well known and what lead to their downfall.


We'll discover facinating facts about the tropical jungles they lived in and learn about where they fit on a historical timeline.




Remote Learning


If you have to self isolate, as ever, we will try to put the lessons onto Seesaw so you can access them. Some topic lessons may need resources or access to websites making them harder to complete at home. If this is the case, continuing your learning using the homework ideas is a great alternative. Where possible, we will be able to gather resources for you to collect to be able to take part in the lessons at home.



Below is the latest homework chart. Once you have completed one of them, please take a picture or upload the items to Seesaw to share it. There will be an activity called WEEK 2 and 3 Year 6 Homework

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