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            Year 3 Homework


         Remote Learning Page



Welcome to Year 3's Learning Page.  During this period of remote learning, daily work will be set on Seesaw. Seesaw is designed to function on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Children can also use DB Primary via the Children's Pages on this website to find activities, post on the class forum and email other children or their teachers.


On this page we will give you some ideas of some extra activities you can do in and around the main work on your Seesaw page. These might be good if you have finished your work on Seesaw and want something else to do or if you want to have a break in between the activities your teacher has set. They are all based around not needing too much help from your parents or carers so you should be able to do them on your own!


If you need any more support with your remote learning such as your log in details, please email your teacher at, or message us through your DB Primary Email. 


Thank you, Miss Bell, Mrs Bray & Miss Dickson. 


Extra Maths Activities


Your teacher will set you homework tasks on the My Maths    website.


You will always have an activity which you should be familiar

with and one which will stretch you more!


Remember to log on to TT Rockstars and practise your x-tables 

This website also has some good games to play.....


Does your busy brain need a break for 5 minutes?? Why not try these activities.....

  • Using only 3 colours create a squiggly picture and colour it in.
  • Grab your favourite book and read or look at the pictures and tell the story in your head.
  • Take a picture or draw the most important thing you have.
  • Look for nature out of your window. What is the weather like today? What are the trees and plants doing? Can you see any birds or other animals passing by?
  • Ask someone in your house if you could do something to help? E.g  Make a bed, sort the washing or tidy a room in the house.

Listen to a piece of music and dance along, or close your eyes and relax as you listen.


Try some of the brain warmers below


Brain Warmers


























Our Topic and other learning


Our topic this half-term is Four Boys and a Dog. In this topic we find out about The Stone Age, Iron Age and Ice Age.


Have a go at some of these activities:





  • Create your own cave painting or drawing
  • Make a power point presentation about Stone Age life
  • Send me an email with some facts on DB primary
  • Make some basic Stone Age tools                                                        
  • Find out about Skara Brae in Scotland – create a fact file
  • Find out key facts about Bronze Age and Iron Age
  • Design Stone Age jewellery (animal teeth, stones and bones)
  • Make a survival pack for a Stone Age person – what will they need?
  • Create a Stone Age Menu from food that was available then
  • Design an Iron Age shield

              Is there anything else that you can think of?


Our Science this half term is Rocks & Soils. We will be investigating different types of rocks and soils and how they are formed.


Can you find different kinds of rocks in your garden and group them?



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