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              Year 2 Homework


           Remote Learning Page

Welcome to Year 2's Learning Page.  During this period of remote learning, daily work will be set on Seesaw. Seesaw is designed to function on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Children can also use DB Primary via the Children's Pages on this website to find activities, post on the class forum and email other children or their teachers.


If you need any more support with your remote learning such as your log in details, please email your teacher at, or message us through your DB Primary Email. 


Thank you, Mr Smith & Mrs Washington.




We are moving on to look at Measurement and Money. 

The more your child can practise with coins and get used to adding and subtracting money, to know the different coins and notes and that there are 100 pence in a pound, the better they will be at this tricky area of  maths.


You can find out more at these web pages:


Each week your teacher will set you homework tasks on the My Maths website.


You will always have an activity which you should be familiar

with and one which will stretch you more!


Remember to log on to TT Rockstars and practise your x-tables

This website also has some good games to play.....



Weekly Homework


You can read to yourself, read to a family member or listen to someone else read, but try to read every day.


A full digital reading library is available on Oxford Owls and you can access as many books as you like.  Our digital subscription is up and running and your teacher will help you choose books at an appropriate level.

When we arw in school, if you prefer traditional books, you will be given a book each Monday, please return it by Friday.




Remote Learning

If you are at home for longer period of time, waiting for a test result or staying safe in quarantine, you will find your weekly learning here. You will need to complete a reading activity each day.


The class novel we are reading is Ratburger by David Walliams


Mrs Washington and Mr Smith will read chapters of this book to you on Seesaw, as well as shorter picture books that we can read to you in one go.





In English we are looking at the story 'Rainbow Bear' by Michael Morpurgo. We will learn the story by sequencing and rainbow writing and move on to writing our own stories based on this polar bear tale. Our stories will be about a different Arctic animal that makes a wish.

Why not find out about the Polar bear? Where does it live? What does it like to eat? Can you find out an interesting fact about this beautiful animal?

Can you find any other stories about the Polar bears?

Can you write a description of the North Pole? Imagine yourself there, what are you wearing? How are you feeling? Who is with you? What can you see, smell, hear, taste and touch? 


Weekly Homework

Our spelling pattern for weeks 3 and 4 of this half-term is: Learning these homophones. Try to learn these spellings - blew, blue, two, to, too, sea, see, their, there, luck and look. 


This website has some fun games to play too-



Remote Learning

While you are doing your learning from home, you will find your weekly learning here. You will need to complete a writing activity each day.



Last half-term we were looking at diaries. This term is all about fiction (stories). We are looking at the book Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo, then writing stories ourselves. What do you know about Polar bears? Do you think being a rainbow bear would be able to keep safe? Why not? What might happen to them? 

After that we will work on Non Chronological reports. What could you write a report on? Could you research your favourite animal? What things would you like to find out about your chosen animal?


You can also log in to DB Primary to see what tasks and games we have set you, or what you can find yourself. If you find a Year 2 activity too hard, try a Year 1 task until you feel confident. If a Year 2 tasks is too easy, take the challenge of trying the same activity at Year 3 level! If you don't know how to log in, contact the office.


Remember we have the Seesaw app which will help us share work and activites.





Our Topic 


Our topic this half-term is Wally's Polar Adventures. In this topic we find out all about the explorer Wally Herbert, the continents, the oceans and the top and bottom of the world. We are looking very closely at the Arctic and the

Antarctic and animals that live in cold climates.





For homework, you could:

  • ​Find out about Wally Herbert and his adventures.
  • Make a book about animals that live in cold places.
  • Keep a weather diary.
  • Use junk or craft materials to make an igloo or snow scene.
  • Write a short rhyming poem about the snow or winter.
  • Find pictures and make a collage of the different clothes you would wear in winter.
  • Write a report about what Arctic animals eat.
  • Draw an Arctic scene.
  • Find out facts about the North and South Pole.


In science, we are looking at Cold habitats. What animals live in cold places? What are different about these animals to those that live in hot places? How do they keep warm? How do they survive the harsh conditions?

This website tells you more about cold habitats: 



  • How many animals can you think of that live in a cold place?
  • Can you find out three facts about one of the arctic animals?
  • Create a poster about your chosen animal.
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