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                            Year 1 


                      Homework Page




Welcome to Year 1's Homework Page. The homework on this page is linked to our new topic - How Does Your Garden Grow.




If you need any more support with your homework such as your log in details, please email your teacher at


Thank you, Mrs McGregor and Mrs Sloan.


There are loads of great websites that have games you can play to support your learning:
Maths: We use Topmarks to support our learning. This week we are working on Place Value. Copy the links below into your browser.
. (up to 100 forwards and backwards) (up to 100 forwards and backwards) (up to 100 and tens)
Phonics This website is free at the moment login with jan21 password:home. Click phases at the side. Use phase 3 and 4 and there are different interactive games.
Stories - sit back and enjoy listening to a story.





In Maths practise counting forwards and backwards in 10's to 100, in 5's to 50 and in 2's to 20.

Also practise counting in 1's to 100 taking care when crossing a ten e.g. 49, 50.


Does your busy brain need a break for 5 minutes?? Why not try these activities.....

  • Do some zendoodles like we did on our theme day.
  • Grab your favourite book and read or look at the pictures and tell the story in your head.
  • Can you do some yoga? Remember how to do the Cat, the Cobra or the Downward Dog?
  • Listen to some music and make up a dance.
  • Build a model using lego, knex or different construction equipment.
  • Go in your garden, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you..
  • Ask someone in your house if you could do something to help? E.g  Make a bed, sort the washing or tidy a room in the house.




Remember to look at your email for your online reading books. These are sent out weekly.

If you would like your school reading book changed please bring it to school  each Monday and it will be returned on Friday for you to take home.


We are learning to write the tricky words - I, no, you, to, go. the, into, and, he, me, she, we, be, my, you, was, they, all, are, her, said, so, have, like, some, come, were, there, one, little, when, out, what,, oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, asked.

We are learning to read and write the high frequency words - will, that, this, then, them, with, see, for, now, down, look, too, went, it's, children, from, just, help, don't, old, I'm, by, time, house, about, your, day, made, came, make,                           here, saw, very, put.

                      Practise writing the number words 0-20. We need to be able to spell these by the end of Yr1.

                      Practise writing the days of the week - we also need to be able to do this by the end of Yr 1.






Our topic this half-term is How Does Your Garden Grow.

In Art we will be looking at the work of sculptor Andy Goldworthy. Can you find out what kind of sculptures he does?

Can you create a sculpture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy?






For homework, you could:

-Plant something; take pictures and notes of what you did.

-Draw a flowering plant and label stem, roots, leaves and flower.

-Find out information about plants all around the world.

-Create a model of a garden.

-Make a picture or model out of natural materials.

-Visit somewhere that has large gardens to look around. 




In Science, we are naming common flowers and trees, and labelling the different parts of a flower.

  • How many different signs of Spring can you find? Draw them or take pictures of them.
  • Can you find out three facts about your favourite animal?
  • Create a poster about your chosen animal.
  • What is your favourite plant?
  • Can you find out three facts about your favourite plant?
  • Create a poster about your chosen plant.

Our PE day this half term is Friday so please come to school dressed in PE clothes. We will be doing Gymnastics this half term.




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