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                            Year 1 


           Remote Learning page



Welcome to Year 1's  Learning Page.  Maths homework will be set every  two weeks using the Top Marks website, there will reading online as well as reading books sent home if you requested them to be and spellings to complete.

Over each half term everyone should complete a topic project.


If you are currently working at home or just want some extra home learning you will find everything you need here. The maths, reading and writing work will be changed regularly and the topic work in line with each change of topic. If you need any more support with your remote learning please email your teacher at                                       



Maths Overview for Year 1


These are the areas of Maths that Year 1 will be focusing on this year.

We will be using the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.

In Focused Provision we provide children the opportunity to consolidate

what they have learned.





Every two weeks your teacher will set you homework tasks on the Top Marks website.

The links will be sent to you via Parents2Teacher email and will link to our White Rose Maths Scheme.


You will always have an activity which you should be familiar

with and one which will stretch you more!


For the next two weeks we will be working on Addition and Number bonds to 10/20.. 

Remote Learning


Daily tasks can be found on Seesaw or sent by email. These will be a Phonics, Reading, Maths, English and Topic activity.


In school, we follow the White Rose scheme of Learning, so our current unit for maths this half-term is addition and number bonds

to 10 and then 20.

Your teacher will add Top Marks activities to match the work being set. Please make sure you keep up with the work .



Weekly Homework


You can read to yourself, read to a family member or listen to someone else read, but try to read every day.


The digital reading library is available on Oxford Owls and your teacher will send you a list of books weekly to read online that are at the right reading level for your child.  Please refer to your login details.


We are working on Non-Chronological Reports.


For your homework research a penguin of your own choice. Write a simple report including title, sub-heading, questions, key facts, picture and a caption.


The Seesaw app will help you share work and activities.



Weekly Homework

We are learning to write the tricky words - I, no, you, to, go. the, into, and, he, me, she, we, be, my, you, was, they, all, are, her, said, so, have, like, some, come.

We are learning to read and write the high frequency words - will, that, this, then, them, with, see, for, now, down, look, too, went, it's, children, from, just, help.



Why not try keeping a diary of your day? You could add pictures, drawings and write down what you've been doing and feeling

Our Topic and other learning


Our topic this half-term is Wally's Polar Adventures. In this topic we find out all about the Polar Explorer Wally Herbert, the Equator and the North and South Poles. We are looking very closely at the Arctic, Antarctic and animals that live in Cold Climates.

What is the weather like in the Arctic and Antarctic?


At home you could:




  • Find out about Wally Herbert and his adventures.
  • Write a report about animals that live in cold places.
  • Keep a weather diary.
  • Use junk or craft materials to make an igloo or snow scene.
  • Make a list of describing words about Winter.
  • Find pictures and make a collage of the different clothes you could wear in Winter.
  • Draw an Arctic scene and write sentences to describe it.
  • Find out facts about the North and South Pole.




In Science, we are looking at Seasonal Changes - What are the signs for Winter?

  • Go on a Winter walk - what signs of Winter can you see? E.g. no leaves on trees, what are people wearing? no flowers, evergreen trees/bushes.
  • Draw a picture of what you would wear on a Winter walk.
  • Talk about the day length being shorter e.g. it's dark when you get up, it gets dark early, it's cold because the sun is further away from the Earth.
  • Create some Winter bunting with pictures of what you can see, how you feel, what you eat and what you wear.




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