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             Reception Homework 


            Remote Learning Page



Welcome to Reception’s Learning Page.  During this period of remote learning, daily work will be set on Tapestry. Tapestry is designed to function on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Each day, new learning tasks will be posted on Tapestry for you to complete and share with us. This is so we can keep in touch with your child and have a better understanding of what your child is learning at home. 

If you need any more support with your remote learning, such as your log in details, please email your teacher at



Every day count up to the biggest number you can count up to. Count in tens up to 100. Count backward from 10, don’t forget to blast off!


Make your own large flashcards for all numnbers 0-20. Read and write the numbers. Can you get the formation right?


This half term we are re-capping addition and subtraction and then looking at 3D shapes and time.   


Try these free websites for lots of games on all subject areas of Reception maths:


Your teacher will set new challenges on Tapestry Monday to Thursday for you to complete and upload. 




Weekly Homework


You can read to yourself, read to a family member or listen to someone else read, but try to read every day.

A full digital reading library is available on Oxford Owls and you can access as many books as you like. Go to 

                                                                                             User Name: rh01             Password: RH01 

Other useful sites for reading are:


Don't forget to tune in to our daily stories, read by your teachers. Monday to Friday, 1pm, Tapestry.




This week we will be learning the sounds long 'oo' and short 'oo'. So, 'boot' for the long 'oo' and 'look' for the short. It takes a little getting used to but will be explained on Mrs Tempest's Tapestry recorded lessons!  Play and stop them as often as you need as theyy will help you to learn the new sound, read the sound and words containing that sound. We also recap on all Phase 2 sounds and other Phase 3 sounds we have already leanrt.


Can you read and write the Tricky words I, no, go, to, the, into, he, she, we, be and was. Sing the Tricky Word Rap we shared on Tapestry last week.


The children love to sing the Jolly Phonics songs which are available online.


Phonics Play Is free to use at home during lockdown. 





Every day, practise writing your full name and why not try the first line of your address! You could even

write the names of other family members.


Did you know that every story in the world is based on 6 basic plots!

This week we will be focusing again on our traditional tale The Three Little Pigs, finishing our story map and looking at the character of the big bad wolf!


Now that we have learnt the story and had a go at writing sentences and captions from the story, we at now going to have a go at adapting the story by changing a few things. We can change the Characters or the setting to make the story into our own. You could have a go at doing this with other stories you know really well.


Your teacher will add new challenges every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on Tapestry for you to complete and upload. 





We will be looking at Once upon a time. Our English theme fo the half-term is the Three Little Pigs. Each week we will look at a different story, focusing on Traditional Tales and Nursery Rhymes. We will be building houses for the three little pigs and making porridge for Golidlocks. We will thinking about how the Billy Goats crossed the bridge.


If you have any of the traditional tales books at home, please share these with your children. They could be your bed time stories. Introducing them to the world of stories, focusing on the way stories start with Once upon a time... or finish with 'They lived happily every after. The End'.


Here's a few other things you could have a go at home:


  • Building a house for the three pigs
  • Making a bridge for the goats to cross or somewhere for the troll to live.
  • Go on woodland walks and explore different enviroments. 
  • Junk modelling, building blocks, jigsaw puzzle, get baking. 


Ask your parent to check their Tapestry account for specicfic work set on each theme. Don't forget to share your work for Dojo points!



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