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Our Maths Curriculum

By Katie Washington KS2 and Sam McGregor (KS1 & EY)

Curriculum Intent

At St Thomas Primary School our aim is for every child to become a mathematician.  We want children to become mathematicians in order for them to reach age related expectations or make accelerated progress from their starting point.  As well as this we want children to develop a love for maths and use their extensive knowledge of Maths to solve practical problems.


Our curriculum is designed around the needs of the pupils in our school and there are a variety of approaches to enable the pupils to make good progress.






Curriculum Implementation

Our school follows the National Curriculum and the White Rose Maths program from EYFS into Key Stage 1, and continues into Key Stage 2.  Each year group has a programme of study that outlines how long each area should be taught for.


In EYFS Maths is planned from Development Matters and the Reception classes use the White Rose Maths program. Formal teaching sessions are taught each week with a differentiated task planned in Reception for all children to access in small groups with an adult. Continuous Provision activities reinforcing the teaching are planned throughout EYFS for both indoors and outdoors.


Year 1 follow the National Curriculum and the White Rose Maths program. They use the EYFS format of teaching Maths until the Spring Term. This enables a smooth transition from EYFS into Year 1, and gradually moves from a Continuous Provision approach to a semi-formal, then more formal approach used by Year 2 and above by the end of the Spring Term.


At the end of each session teachers will put a smiley face on children’s work using the traffic light system, red – the child has not understood, amber – beginning to understand and green the child has understood. An I for independent or S for support is put on the child’s work with a relevant comment relating to the objective. Purple pen is also used to show corrections and progress as soon as the child has finished their work and verbal feedback given so it is immediate and relevant.


From Year 2 and above Maths is timetabled each day and lasts for 1 hour each day.  Lessons are planned for so that children of all ability groups are accounted for. Learning intentions and steps to success are shared with the children and all link to the national curriculum objectives. All teachers carefully plan their lessons to include a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to the subject.   Each child evaluates their work at the end of the session using the traffic light system. Their books go in boxes that match the colour they have put in their book. The teacher will mark the books then plan the next Maths lesson from their findings. In the afternoon Learning mentors in Year 2 – Year 6 will do an extra maths session with a group of selected children to help bridge any misconceptions that occurred in the lesson. As part of the children’s self-evaluating process, they begin most of their lessons recapping on their last lesson with a question or sum. This is done in purple pen so you can see corrections and progress made.


In EYFS children are baselined using Development Matters in both Nursery and Reception and given a teacher judgement. At the end of Reception a judgement based on the Early Learning Goals is given and submitted to the LEA. Summative assessments are given each half term and based on tests (All Year 2 and Year 6 children take compulsory SATs) Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and 5 use Non Statutory assessments)


Curriculum Impact

Maths in our school is progressive and planned to meet the needs of all children. Assessments are carried out regularly to ensure children are accessing fluency, reasoning and problem solving objectives at age related expectations. If children are keeping up with the curriculum, they are deemed to be making expected or more than expected progress. The implementation of the White rose planning scheme has meant the school have been successful over the years.  All staff are regularly updated with any changes. In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods: Assessment For Learning after every Maths lesson; End of block assessments; Formative assessments which are inputted on OTrack; Summative assessments each term and End of Key stage SATs results.




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