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A selection of great learning that has been sent to us. It's amazing to see what you are doing at home.



Thankyou to everyone who submitted a story. Your work was fantastic and it took me a long time to read them all. I've marked them and you should be abe to read my comments on DB. If you emailed it to me, then I've tried to reply. I am publishing a few below. It was difficult to choose which ones to put on here, and if I didn't choose yours, don't worry. I'd like to do another story challenge next week. Altogether, I had 94 stories! It's amazing to know that you can do this at home, and not even in a classroom!

Don't forget to send them to your teacher to to impress them. You may also want to ask them for a dojo point!


Have a lovely day and look after yourself. Remember to stay busy!


Mr Rushby

The Untold Secrets of the Temple and the Wolves - by Aman, yr5

A   secret Roman Empire was dug up for miles within the earth’s surface. An entire city was buried in the past’s ashes, unfolding a new world of secrets. I went to the main town hall, such a royal structure! After a few days of looking around, I was trying to find the secret passages and gathering clues. I found this symbol, probably a switch, but I don’t know anything about it. It doesn’t match any other symbols I found in past adventures. Two swords and a spear, which probably means fight? Fighting what? What fight? Wait… there’s that symbol again, and wolf? Does it mean fighting a wolf? Does it mean the wolf temple, the temple which was never found, only spoken of? It’s actually a truth. What if we are supposed to make spear and the swords on a certain angle? But which angle? Wait!!! I saw a sign when I entered into this tomb. To fight you must try, but to fight a wolf you have to work as an army. That’s a clue. But what does it mean? Maybe, I need to point all the weapons together. Uhhh, the ground is rumbling. Was it a trap! Wait…. I hear something… metallic clangs… rusty hinges. I think this is a secret tomb. It opened up a secret staircase. I don’t think I should go down there. Who knows how long this has been here, it’s ancient. What if I fall and collapse on the ground? I just have to be brave like I was in any other journeys. Woah, how these torches are still burning? It’s like someone’s been trapped here. Finally, I’m at the bottom of that long spinning staircase. What is this room? This book? This is a different language. It’s a map to the secret wolf temple.


Woah, it looks like a long dangerous hike through these icy mountains and secretive caves. I need a team…a team of master detectives, cave experts and brave people. My team has arrived. We are friends and we worked together to uncover other mysteries. “Hello prime detectives and good friends.” I said with a brave voice. Where does this map lead to? Well it’s a very big map; a magnifying glass was requested by a fellow detective. But there is no ‘X’ to show where the temple is. How are we going to find it? Maybe, there are clues. “How are we going to understand this, we don’t know how to read!” said Jack. Maybe, they aren’t written clues, maybe, they are pictorial references... like those axes criss-crossing, there those broken trees. There’s no path, which way is the temple? It must be north. We need equipments to explore the path to the temple. Flints, food, emergency flares are the few essentials. Ok! We have to go through the hollows peak. There is no mountain. What does hollows peak mean? A forest, where there’s only light at one time at one of the areas? We need to research where things are and what things mean.


After a couple of days of research and a close look at where light shines in a particular time of the day, we located one forest where light only reaches once in four years for only 3 minutes. The dark Oak’s den! The most dangerous and abandoned woods, located in the Bermuda Triangle! No one has gone there ever returned. The island sinks at mid night and rises at 5 am. Luckily, we are close. We have to be fast. But what if it’s only a path? What if we have to sink in the water? The island sinks into the water where there is a whole civilisation whose history we don’t know. I’m going to take the equipments to send ultrasonic sound waves and echo monitors to evaluate the bottom of the sea along with my diving suit. Our whole team packed the bags to go to Florida.

We reached Florida on Sunday. From there we planned to take a boat to travel to the Bermuda Triangle. We will scout if there is an island. Next morning, at 5 am we are going to the island and we will search. If we find anything we send a high pitch beep, if we don’t find anything we will send one beep and if it’s an emergency we will send two beeps. Let’s go!!! On Monday, we woke up at early morning and boarded on a boat and started our journey towards the island. “Wait, I see an island, it’s covered with trees” said Mark. “I think that’s the island, we’re going to come back at the dawn. Ok, we’re here, team look for anything” I said. After a long time of searching we found two swords and a spear, and so, the temple is somewhere around here. “Guys, the island is sinking” shouted Mark. We don’t know if this is good or not. I can still breathe. We all put on the diver’s suits. We found the temple about 10 m down inside the water. I need to know what is so precious, I need to go in. “Let’s go! I shouted in excitement. Why are there so many skulls? How did they die? “Look, it looks like air holes, wait that’s not an air hole, those are fire cannons” remarked Jack. Look out!. Phew, we survived! Although the temple is inside of water it has all the vegetation we find on the surface of the earth. We removed our oxygen tanks and we can still breathe without that. It’s dry, how astonishing it is? we all remarked at once. Wait, we got a clue; who is smart shall pass through these doors. The door  is marked with a wolf symbol which  hasn’t ate in ten years and in the other door there are deadly but escapable traps; which one are we going to choose? I thought it has to be the escapable traps which we have to choose to enter the room but a beast would die if it hasn’t ate in ten years. It’s the beast door we have to choose. And I was right. “Wait there’s a chest” I told my fellow crew members. We made it….I opened the chest, there’s nothing in it, a wolf instead pounced on us. Where did it come from? Oh no!!! The walls are starting to cave in. We are trapped. Wait, there’s a door, the wolf has the key. We have to tame it. I’ve got steak in my food pack. I tossed the steak towards the wolf and it got distracted. “Give me the key for the steak little wolf” I talked to myself. Come on, I don’t want to fight. You’ve left me with no choice, I turned and said “Mark, give me the dagger”. Suddenly, I thought about fire, he’s scared of fire because he never sees any, I thought. Give me the lantern, shoo, it worked he dropped the key. Quick, unlock the door, phew we nearly died. Woah, a whole city of gold! We all rejoiced together on the sight of the enormous, unexplored gold. We did it… we sent the signal to the boat… we all are now exhausted but happy for what we all have achieved.


We never regretted our journey, and departed by making promise to each other to discover new things in future….

By Ben in yr4

One day in a little village there was a kind and Caring monster. He was picking flowers from his garden. In this village everyone was friendly except one monster but he was always inside so nobody was bothered. Carl went to do his weakly shopping near the stream. It was so clean ,that there was dolphins in it. Carl went to the bakery first. He bought some warm tiger bread. He ate it while doing his shopping. Later on that day in the little village there was a rock slide down a mountain nearby. It would definitely hit the village. At first nobody knew that it was coming in fast. Except the mad monster who never comes outside... 

But he heard it. He can hear anything from miles away. James was very strong. He warned everyone in the village. They thought it too late but James broke the rocks and saved the village and they lived happily ever after.

by Oais, yr 4


Once, in a land far far away, lived a little boy, named Oais, But Oais isn't an ordanary boy, he has the powers to help anyone in need, belong and believe, and even make anything he could. But his rivil, Mr Rushby WAS ALWAYS UP TO NO GOOD. Mr Rushby had the powers to fly, turn into a genius, and make anyone his slave, exept from Oais. One cold night, Oais woke up from an evil laugh, wich sounded fimilliar. It was Mr Rushby! As Oais looked out his window, a diary fell out of Mr Rushby's pocket. Good for Oais, inside the diary it had is plans of taking over and destroying a place in a dangerous land. So Oais knew he was the only one that could stop him now, so he took his handy dandy packpack and set sail in a dangrous journey to a far away land.1hour later Oais came across a sighn leading to the left, so Oais turned his boat around and went left.But what Oais doesn't know is that Mr Rushby turned the sighn around, sooooo........ Oais fell of a cliff. As fast as he could, he reached into his handy dandy backpack and got out two potions, one was red and said on the bottle, NOTbeloning, and the over one was green and said, beloning. He had a short amount of time so Oais drank both, he was going up and down up and down up and down, but it seems the beloning one was winning. The NOTbeloning faild but the beloning one won.But for some reason, he started to fly realy fast, Oais didn't ask questions and zoomed as quickly as he could to Mr Rushby.1minute later he saw Mr Rushby and Oais quickly made a vanishing potion.One minute later it was all finshed, the ingrediants was, NOTbeloning potion, rotton bannas, some dust, some lovely smell to make him drink it. The only thing now is to lure him to drink it. So i whisled and hid behind a humungous rock. He smelled the lovely smell and rushed strait to it.He drunk it up in one gulp and vanished where nobody knows were. Then Oais saved the day, not heard about ever again.

The Depths Of Space

by Vivian yr5

Jade, Andrew, Skylar and Jason walked around for a while. How were they supposed to get back? The wall had just appeared from nowhere making the area completly closed off from the world. Suddenly, the ground started to shake. The four of them hadn't noticed at first as it was the faintest series of slight tremors but it started to slowly build up into more violent jerks and shakes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Earthquake!"shrieked Andrew out of panick "Everyone take cover!" but everyone already knew that there was no cover to take. The floor continued to shake, each time more powerful than the last, until the ground crumbled away beneath their feet and they fell into the abyss.

Darkness.Complete and utter darkness all around them. Jade stood up, just able to make out the figure of her younger cousin Andrew, his neighbour Jason and her best friend Skylar.They all tried to get their eyes to adjust to the low light but it was pointless-it was like night-time there. Just as they were all about to give up completely, a small light flickered in the distance. Slowly, it started to swell to the point where it looked like it might burst and then-a sudden flash of light lifted them of their feet and created a massive rainbow of colours going all around them, seeming to go on and on infinitely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                "It's like tie-die"whispered Andrew in awe. He didn't know why he whispered, it just felt like he should.                                                                                                                                    They started walking for a few minutes when Jason asked"Hey,what's up with my watch?"Jade looked.Strangely, the watch said 11:30PM and the minutes were going by in a matter of seconds even though it had been 10:00AM (the right time)about five minutes ago. Then must've been the time for strange events for at that moment Skylar squealed, claiming that someone had just been behind her, but she had to stride on, hoping it was just her imagination. However, just moments later Skylar was proved right to have had someone behind her for then a young woman came to them as though she had just come through an invisible door                                                                                                                                                      "Come quick!"she babbled "It's an emergency and I know you can help me!" and with that she jumped back through her invisible door.Intrigued, Jade stepped close where she had been      "Wait don't go alone!"shouted Jason just before she went.Knowing to take his lead, the others went to Jade, smiled and gripped her hand. Andrew-the most curious of them all- took out his hand to touch the aparent wall he could not see. The very tip of his finger touched something and he felt an excruciating series of lightning-like pains all over his body. Once again, the young woman, appeared this time just her head peeping out                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Ohhh, I understand why you didn't just come in the first place now. You must not be from anywhere round here."she said. The children shook their heads, quite unable to speak "Don't worry about a thing. I'll make sure this wormhole is completely safe for people like you guys,"                                                                                                                                                      "WORMHOLE!" the children shrieked in unison. They weren't actualy going to go through a wormhole, surely they were just science fiction.                                                                             "Yes, but there is little time. I'm Lia and I'm from the planet Gragcer. I am the most powerful species of human-like beings but I need your help!We must leave quickly though, this travel tunnel is about to colappse under His power!"said the woman, who they now knew was called Lia. 'But whose power is she on about?'thought Jade. But she had little time to think for Lia had put her hand out infront of her, whispered some strange words and the colours suddenly swirled up and she told them to go through.

The wind wizzed through their ears and a prickling sensation covered their bodies. Jade tried open her eyes just slightly but even that was hard. It burned but she could see Lia guiding them all through some sort of black place. Next thing she knew, they were in some sort of forest with abnormally tall trees, growing a fruit never seen before. Andrew looked round as well, something didn't seem right;it just felt lke something in the air was wrong. Lia was then able to explain a bit more: that she was a certain species that looks human but is much more powerful, that a villian known as Him who had the ability to take form of people's worst fear had taken over her planet and that she needed those four to help her. But then, a blue fog slowly started to creep it's way around the trees "Oh no! Don't breathe in the mist whatever you do, you will die, or worse, He will control you!"she muttered in an overdramatic voice."Follow me, I have a friend who lives round here." So, they ran for their lives(literally)as they followed Lia through the winding path through the dense forest. In the distance, they could see the lights of a house and they knew that in just about afew hundred meters they would be there and then... The mist closed in leaving them helpless as they held their breath with no way to get out. However, they tried their best to keep going until the house appeared infront of them. Jade's lungs were on fire, she wouldn't be able to keep it up for much longer. Worried about here cousin, she turned to Andrew to see if he was okay. Acouple of moments before the mist cleared up, Andrew took a breath despite all his efforts and he colappssed to the forest floor, unresponsive.

They arrived at Lia's friend's house not long after. She was called Yazmine and she was quite nice. When Lia and Yazmine had first met, they were training on how to do what they could do today, like traveling without having to take as much as a step and how to use the mind to make things appear infront of them.

Andrew was acting very strangely, for he had woken up know. They all knew that what he was doing was from the power of Him even though he looked the same. For starters, he was speaking rudely, even to Jade, then he was looking round for something that he wouldn't say,which made sense as he wouldn't say anything,and finally his  usual, soft eight year-old eyes seemed diferent, intence and angry. That night, Yazmine gave them all beds & their own seperate rooms but  something happened later in the night. It was really dark outside and everyone was asleep when an earpeircing scream rang out from Lia's room. At once, the four children all ran there, Andrew was suddenly back to normal but they found Lia sat up in her bed, looking as calm as ever but Jade knew something was wrong;her eyes now looked the same as how Andrew's did. The morning after, Lia, Skylar, Jade, Andrew and Jason went out  find Him. Sooner or later, they came to a lake where Lia had said was a perfect  place find Him. Skylar was about to tell Lia that she was completely wrong when Jade muttered quietly   "Look at the lake.".She was clearly nervous but about what? She pointed to the center of the lake even though there was clearly nothing there but the cold, bubbling water-but water didn't bubble. That's when the other three realised what she was on about. Slowly, a head emerged from the water, and then a body, and then legs. This thing was small and thin with such deep red skin it was practicaly black. Skylar was the first to notice that it was doing certain hand movements and gestures. At first she wasn't sure why but just at that moment Lia threw herself at her and just managed to dodge the attack. Andrew was the next to notice this and he quickly managed to avoide being thrown into the ice-like lake. This went on for a while until He lost his patients and went up to the most vulnerable of them all-poor little Andrew.The little boy was most afraid of clowns and when he saw Him turn into one he ran of, losing himself in the forest. Jason, Skylar and Jade all ran after him along with the creature, while Lia stayed statioary, frozen in the middle of an attack. As they ran, Jason panted "There must be something that weakens Him,but what?"                                                                                                                                                                                                                            " But what about love?"replied Jade "This is a creature who has never been loved, he turns into the things that people don't love which he seems to thrive on and finally he seems to want hate. And if we can gave him the opposite of hate, which he lives off of then if he has the opposite of hatred he'll surely die. and the opposite of hate is-"                                       "LOVE!"they cried in unison.They soon found a scared, curled up Andrew, sat by the front door of Yazmine's house and when they explained what they had found out, he leapt up with joy and followed them back to the lake.

In time, they found their way back and when they did the strange water bubbling phenomenon started up again and the same small, slightly shriveled up body emerged once again. And  that time they had a good plan of exactly what to do:first, they would wait until Lia would start maving again and tell her that she  had freinds and that she was loved, that would be able to make her herself again and make Him angry and start to make him crack, then they would show Him that people were loved enough to not fear Him and then finally, they would show how much they all loved each other and that it was strong enough to defeat Him. It was't long until they took this plan into action but it hadn't gone quite as expected. First, they went to Lia and every time she tried to attack them, that's when they would say these things. A t first they thought  that it might be wrong until something great happened-just as Skylar had said that they were her friends, there was a sudden flicker and she was suddenly back to normal again. They looked up, He now had a strange white crack running down his face making it look like lightning in a thunderstorm. Unsure of what to do next, they all tried to think back to the plan. They had forgotten! But, they all thought of ways to anger Him and it worked: Jade tried to make him think that he could be loved,Skylar told Him that her friendship with the people around her was strong enough to defeat him, Jason told Him that love was so strong that  they would't be scared of him even if he was their worst fear, and Andrew told Him that love is the strongest force and that fear won't work. This satrted to make several cracks and there were soon about 20 cracks all over Him and as one more appeared, he shouted to them                                                                                                                                                        "Love is a useless, meaningless word! I know it can do nothing to me and I will use your word against you because I love HATE! You can't do anything to harm me if you use a word that means nothing. At least fear is a true word." He said His last sentence in a strained voice and the cracks started to light up and flash and spark. Lia told them to get behind her and the creature blew up completely leaving behind no trace that he had ever been there                                                                                                                                                                   "This is great!"declared Lia in an excited voice"He is gone meaning everyone that got took over will be normal again. Peace and harmoy after long last. Now I would very much like to take you how, however I can't as some of this power is still over me and it has temporararly stopped me from being able to travel withoutwalking so one of you will have to do it-Jade, why don't you?"at first she didn't didn't know what Lia was thinking, telling her to try and do that but then she remembered. The evening before, Jade,Lia and Yazmine hade been talking about how it worked. Basically, she had to think of her destination and consentrate really hard on it, she would then use the strongest force she knew of and use it to take her. For a long time, she didn't know what the force could possibly be-but know she did-love.So, with that ,Jade, Skylar, Andrew and Jason were sending themselves back,now more used to the strange sensations,and were back in their own town at the alleyway that they had come from. It was dark now so they all rushed back home, ready to meet there again for a new adventure.

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