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23 February 2021


Welcome Back letter from Kate Meade, Acting Headteacher



Dear parents, carers and families



No doubt you will have heard on the news last night that schools are reopening to ALL children from Monday 8 March 2021.  I know the announcement will have been met with mixed reactions, I hope you are thrilled that your child(ren) will get to return to something more like normal but I can appreciate that it may also have sparked some anxiety knowing that we once again face additional risks through increased mixing.


I want to outline for you all that we are doing as a school to welcome children back, to reduce risk to keep everyone safe and also what we ask you to do to help us.





Just as we did from September to December children will be in fixed bubbles which don’t mix in school. This means children work, play and eat with a specific group of children. Staff are also mostly in fixed bubbles although staff shortages and the need to cover absence and admin time has always meant there is some staff crossover but we keep this to a minimum.


How can you help?

Please maintain all Covid-19 mixing guidelines at home. If you have formed a support bubble with another family please keep us informed as this would impact on which children need sending home should anyone develop symptoms.





Children eat in their classrooms and all outdoor play is staggered to ensure bubbles don’t mix.


How can you help?

If your child is on packed lunches please send a small bag or box.





Due to building constraints and numbers of pupils, children have to share toilets with other bubbles. To help reduce risk we schedule toilet trips at set times to reduce crossovers, we have also employed additional cleaning staff so all toilets are cleaned more often.


How can you help?

Talk to your children about using toilets at scheduled times and explain that there may be a short wait if they need to go at other times.





School equipment is carefully cleaned, or quarantined for 72 hours, before another bubble uses it. Children have their own set of stationery. Online reading books are available for all but any children who requested physical books are asked to bring them in on a Friday and take new ones home on a Monday to allow safe sharing. We would prefer the children not to bring bags to school. PE kits should be worn instead of normal uniform on the day of the lesson to reduce the need for bags in school.


How can you help?

Please bring books in on correct days and understand why we aren’t able to be as flexible as usual, remind children about PE kit.





We have a much wider drop off window (8:40-9:00) to allow for social distancing on the yard. We have increased the number of doors used to further distance year groups. All adults are asked to wear masks on the yard. We would prefer older children to be met away from doors/gates to reduce yard congestion.


How can you help?

Be on time so you can use the correct door, wear a mask and socially distance on the yard.





We are following guidelines and asking the children to wash hands on arrival at school, before and after eating, and after playing out. Hand gel and hand washing is available throughout the day.


How can you help?

Encourage hand hygiene at home and talk to your children about why it’s important.





In line with guidelines we keep windows open, we have introduced an additional afternoon break to ensure the classrooms are regularly aired.


How can you help?

Children can bring an additional jumper or be encouraged to wear trousers and an extra vest/t-shirt layer if they feel the cold but we are hoping this will be less of a problem as we move into spring. Always send a warm, waterproof coat.





We have made some temporary relaxations to our uniform expectations to reflect the circumstances we are in. We are not insisting on black school shoes but would ask that all children wear sturdy, sensible footwear suitable for additional outdoor learning, trainers are fine to wear. If your children have grown and you are unable to get hold of new uniform while the shops are closed we will accept simple adjustments, e.g. joggers instead of trousers etc.


How can you help?

Think practical rather than fashion, please avoid designer names or expensive items of clothing. Please stick with the spirit of uniform colours even if the items aren’t official uniform.




Homework will be online using Seesaw, MyMaths and Tapestry.


How can you help?

Establish a homework routine.





We continue to face the possibility of having to close bubbles if any staff or children test positive for Covid-19. We will follow the same procedures as before, letting you know by text and moving immediately to remote learning. There are no plans for primary school age pupils to have regular Covid tests but these are now offered to staff twice weekly. Please err on the side of caution and do not send your child to school if they are unwell, or if anyone in the household bubble is showing any symptoms. If unsure get tested and please keep us informed.


Please email or call if you have any concerns, we are looking forward to welcoming your children back to school and are here to help ease any anxieties or worries.



Kate Meade

Acting Headteacher



4 January 2021


The Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) announced:

 "...we now have to do everything we possibly can to stop the spread of the disease, primary schools, secondary schools and colleges across England must move to remote provision from tomorrow, except for vulnerable children and the children of key workers."



Please go to the remote learning tab for more information on learning at home.

Please go the critical workers tab for information on school places.








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