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National Anti-Bullying Week: 13th - 17th November 2017


This years Anti-Bullying week is based on 'All Equal, All Different'.


During Anti-Bullying week 2017 at St Thomas we will be extremely busy learning about how to stay safe when we are 'All Equal but All Different'. The week will also be a great opportunity to promote British Values.


Watch this space for activities which will be delivered during the week.




Click Here to visit the CBBC 'Stay Safe' Website which we are using to support our learning on Cyber Bullying.

Huddersfield Town legend and friend of St Thomas, Andy Booth, has worked closely with our children for the last three years to promote awareness and empower our children to be safe at school. Andy is seen here with Town mascot Terry the Terrier, the Giant's Big G and our own Tommy the Tiger.

Our mascots work together to present a bullying dilemma. Our children have a few days to try and work out what choice to make. The storyline is completed at the end of the week and concluded with the right outcome.

Our most recent 'whisper' campaign can be seen on the corridors of the school. This strategy enables our children to decide what bullying behaviour looks like, and how they can manage such worries effectively.

Look out for Tommy's anti-bullying tweets!

Welcome to our anti-bullying safe place. The following documents, links and details will offer you an understanding of how we approach any form of bullying within our school. Our school offers the opportunity for staff and parents to communicate daily. This way, we believe, is the best way to ensure that our children stay very safe in school. We also know that any worries an be supported through good, clear communication.


The school has to be very careful when dealing with any allegations of bullying. Investigations will be confidential and no reference will be made to other children with regards to the outcomes. The most important thing is to ensure that any unkind behaviour is stopped.


Our children have the opportunity within the school day to communicate any concerns. We actively promote strategies with our pupils to enble pupil voice. This is the quickest and most effective way of dealing with any potential issues. Please make sure that your child has a good understanding of how to communicate in school hours.


The school has a responsibility to make sure that all children are safe and that any allegations are dealt with respectfully and with regards to all children.




1. Your child tells you they are being bullied or you think that your child may be being bullied.


2. Talk to your child get them to tell you exactly what has happened, who, when, where.

Speak to them calmly and reassure your child.


3.Take time to see the situation clearly.

Use the bullying definition to help you.


Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behaviour that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons.

Cyber-bullying refers to bullying through information and communication technologies.


Conflict, fall out’s with friends, fights between equals or isolated incidents may well not be defined as bullying.


4.Talk calmly about the problem with your child’s teacher, speak only to your child’s teacher, do not approach other children or families or use any digital media to express concerns or complaints.


Such concerns can be upsetting. Please be very careful not to accuse another person’s child without clear evidence.


 5. Keep in contact with your child’s teacher with updates and any information you feel we should have to support your child.


Your child has the right to feel safe in school and it is our combined responsibility to ensure this happens.

Effective systems can be put in place though good communication to prevent further concerns.


This process is not about retribution


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How to manage a potential bullying scenario
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