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Our school works closely with the other schools around us to provide additional opportunities for our children. To find out about who we work with, and what we do click here...

We have our own song, written and composed by the children of St Thomas Primary School and Roger Davies. You can listen below.

01 Into the sun (the St Thomas Song).mp4
MP4 video/audio file [6.7 MB]

DBprimary - Send emails, write forums, reply to messages, upload your work or even draw a picture. It's all on DB Primary!

Tommy the Tiger's Fanpage! Are you a fan of our Tommy?

Click here for more information all about him!

Visit our school job centre and find yourself a job. Get paid and pay tax to help the school. Download an application form or simply contact Mrs Pearson to ask a few questions.

Visit our 'Safe Place' to make sure that you stay well. You can fill in a worry form, have another look at out anti-bullying information visit useful websites or take a moment to pray.

At St Thomas we have a zero tolerance poilcy on bullying.

Find out more here.

Learning at home is a great way to help you in school, click here to play some great Maths games.

Have you got a great idea for an assembly prayer? If so write one here.

Take our Reading survey here.

If you have a worry in school then fill in this form.

Being safe online is really important!

Click here to find out more about staying safe online and play some esafety games.

Calling all Year 6 - Click on these for some fantastic revision activities;

- Mental Maths Boot Camp (Practise some timed tests)

- Maths Boot Camp (Revise any area of Maths with some great online games)

- Literacy Boot Camp (Revise any area of Literacy with some great online games)


This is really great revision to prepare you!

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