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                   Nursery Homework


              Remote Learning Page

Welcome to Nursery's Learning Page. 


Each week on Tapestry you will recieve a weekly challenge for you to enjoy with your child. This will also be prompted through texts and reminders. Once completed don't forget to upload to Tapestry for the class to share. The children love to talk about and share what they have been doing and ask each other questions. We have already had some fantastic entry's to the online learning journals. Thank you! 


If you are currently working at home or just want some extra home learning, you will find everything you need here or on Tapestry. If you have any problems accessing Tapestry please let your teacher know by emailing




If you are at home for a longer period of time, waiting for a test result or staying safe in quarantine, you will find your weekly learning here.

In Nursery the expectation is for children to explore shapes, colours and Numbers..this half term we will be focusing on numbers 1,2 and 3. Have a look at the CBEEBBIES Numberblocks episodes, look for numbers around the house and count all the time! 

Your home learning challenge may appear to be topic based but I assure you there will be lots of maths linked in!


This weeks learning challenge is all about your family! How many people live in your house, how old are they? Who is the biggest and who is the smallest? 





You can read to yourself, read to a family member or listen to someone else read, but try to read every day.


A full digital reading library is available on Oxford Owls and you can access as many books as you like.  In October our digital subsrciption begins and your teacher will help you choose books at an appropariate level!


If you choose to do anything with your child please share a bed time story! 


Remote Learning

In Nursery the focus on reading comes from engaging the children in a love of book. We have books all over our provision both inside and out! We share stories at every chance we can and even enjoy making up our own. 

the expectation for children in Nursery is all around their listening and attention skills. This half term we are focusing on singing songs, saying rhymes and joining in with repeated phrases from well known books. By sharing a story every day, singing nursery rhymes and making up little tunes you are going to help your little one learn much. 

This weeks home learning challenge is based around My Family. Why not share your favourite stories, read books about different families and practice singing lots of different rhymes.  This week in Nursery we have looked at the book 'and Tango makes three', it's a beautiful read and the children have been so engaged. Why not try find it on YouTube! 




Remote Learning

Learning to write may seem like a very daunting task but in Nursery it is so much more than the formation of letters and sentences. Our main focus is on developing fine and gross motor skills and equipping children with the tools to develop gradually. Our main focus is on making marks, drawing pictures and talk about what we have done. 

This half term we are focusing on drawing a picture and then pointing to different parts of our picture and talking about it. For example saying 'this is mummy, she is happy'.  We are also looking at who we are and recognising our name. You can always pracice name writing at home but remember to use lower case letters! 

This weeks home learning challenge is all about My Family. Why not draw, paint or sculpt a picture of your family. Who is in your family and who is special to you. Encourage your child to talk about different family members and exaplin their drawing to you. 


Our topic this half-term is 

  • Me, Myself and I



In Nursery we will be looking at who we are, our bodies and our family. We will be thinking about food that is good for us and ways to keep healthy. At home try talking about your family and ways you stay healthy. 


Remote Learning


Ask your parent to check their Tapestry as this is where your home learning challenge will be posted each week. Don't worry we will send text reminder too! 


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