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Children's Learning

October 2020


Welcome to our Learning pages. 


Please check your child's year group page each week to keep updated on home learning. You will also find details about topic homework and some general ideas for remote learning if your child is absent from school.


Children from years 2 -6 have a MyMaths account where you will find weekly homework to support thier learning in school.

All children have access to Oxford Owl and digital library of ebooks.


Early next half term we will be launching  an app called Seesaw which will allow you and your child to share any work completed at home with teachesr, we will use this app if your child is absent due to Covid -19 either quarantining or in the case of the closure of school bubbles.


 We are keenly aware that every family is working under different and sometimes difficult circumstances. If you have any difficulties aaccessing the work provided please contact the school office. We want to work with you to ensure the best provison for your child.



Mrs Meade

Acting  Headteacher




Parents: whilst working at home with your children please remember to...


-Put your relationship first, dont let homework become a battle

-Try and agree a plan together 

-Please remember, that you know your child and your circumstances best, so please adapt the suggestions that work for you and your child.



Whole School Activites


These are for the whole family, grown ups too!  

We have extended our subscription for the paint republic enjoy some creativity together.


Live at 9am. Available all day!
Open this file for how to login details!
Paint Republic.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [514.7 KB]


General Suggestions



- Keep a simple routine. Early nights and up at a decent hour.


- Read, read, read. Put in a daily reading session and stick to it. This is the number one skill and would be the best thing that you can do. If they return to school a better reader, then this time has been well spent. This goes for all ages.


- Play board games. There’s lots of really great developmental value in a game - language, maths, critical thinking. Anything from Guess Who to Monopoly. You can also get these on the Xbox if needs be.


- Cook tea. Make the meals together and learn how to bake or cook.


- Paint and build. Lego is incredibly educational. Give your child a challenge each day of something to build. You could take pictures or make stop-motion animation videos on your phone.


- Go Noodle. A super funky online dance and exercise website that's free. The children love doing this at school and it also has meditation and mindfulness.


- Create a Powerpoint. Let your child make a Powerpoint about something that they are interested in. They can upload it or present it to you. The children at school love Powerpoint!


- Create a journal. This would be a book to write stories, to draw or to document.


- TTRockstars. Times tables are a core skill. Like reading, it's a life skill.



Listen to a story


This can be for the whole family.

Download the app 'Audible' and there are lots of choices, many are free at the moment.

Here are three suggestions for the different age groups. All are classics and all have films you could watch together once you've finished listening!



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