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Our school works closely with the other schools around us to provide additional opportunities for our children. To find out about who we work with, and what we do click here...

Children's Learning

June 2020


We are keenly aware that every family is working under different and sometimes difficult circumstances. We are attempting to offer a variety of school learning to meet the needs of all children.


We are offering:

  • Education City Tasks
  • DB Primary / Tapestry activities and challenges (this includes the Loom presentations we are emailing)
  • A weekly menu of activities on the school website
  • Traditional school work books which parents can collect from school
  • Text suggestions for BBC Bitesize Daily – an amazing resource of education TV shows available on BBC iPlayer

Families and children are welcome to dip into all we have on offer and choose whatever suits their circumstances


Many children are engaging with all that we are offering and some are finding the ones most easy to manage within their circumstances.


For all children we encourage some contact with their class teacher through DB Primary, Tapestry or the Year 1 email address as appropriate, this can be to share work completed or to celebrate other achievements.


Mrs Meade

Deputy Headteacher



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Your Daily Menu


Every class has a 'Daily Menu' of suggested activities to help to keep your child busy. These will be changed regularly.


Reception 29 June.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]
Year 1 Daily menu week 7.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [237.0 KB]
My Daily Menu 2M and 2DW - 15.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]
Year 3 Daily Menu 22 June.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [527.2 KB]
Daily Menu Year 4 5 wb 13 7 20.Final.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]
Year 5 resources.pdf
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Year 5 Daily Menu 29 June.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [754.2 KB]
Daily Menu Year 6- 13th July 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [445.4 KB]


Parents: whilst working at home with your children please remember to...


-Put your relationship first. Your child may need a bit of down time and the trick will be to get the balance right.

-Try and agree a plan together rather than telling them what to do. 

-Please remember, that you know your child and your circumstances best, so please adapt the suggestions that work for you and your child.



General Suggestions



- Keep the routine. Early nights and up at a decent hour.


- Try not to use the term 'homework'.


- Have an hour a day on DB primary or Education City. It can be great for your child to communicate with friends, to email ech other and their teacher as well as playing games.​


- Read, read, read. Put in a daily reading session and stick to it. This is the number one skill and would be the best thing that you can do. If they return to school a better reader, then this time has been well spent. This goes for all ages.


- Play board games. There’s lots of really great developmental value in a game - language, maths, critical thinking. Anything from Guess Who to Monopoly. You can also get these on the Xbox if needs be.


- Cook tea. Make the meals together and learn how to bake or cook.


- Paint and build. Lego is incredibly educational. Give your child a challenge each day of something to build. You could take pictures or make stop-motion animation videos on your phone.


- Go Noodle. A super funky online dance and exercise website that's free. The children love doing this at school and it also has meditation and mindfulness.


- Create a Powerpoint. Let your child make a Powerpoint about something that they are interested in. They can upload it or present it to you. The children at school love Powerpoint!


- Create a journal. This would be a book to write stories, to draw or to document.


- TTRockstars. Times tables are a core skill. Like reading, it's a life skill.



Core Skills


While school is closed we can take the time to learn at home. It can be hard to learn new things at home, so let’s focus on getting really good at the core things. These are the things that will make every other aspect of school easier for the rest of your life! They are also the things which we do not always have time to practice so much when we are in school.


Reading - Not just learning how to read but becoming fluent. To do this we need to do this every day. When you become fluent, you will get better at understanding what you have read.

Writing - You have been given a writing book. This is the place where you can practice your writing skills. For some children it can be as simple as drawing a picture and then writing about it. For others, it can be about writing stories and poems.

Handwriting and spelling - You can practice these every day. Make your handwriting beautiful and practice your joined up style. For your spellings, pick 10 common words and get them learned. You can look up common high frequency words on google or you can learn the ones that you use a lot.

Arithmetic - Now is a perfect time to do sums. Practice all four operations. Do at least 10 sums per day and mark them yourself using a calculator on a phone and then correct them. You could use a dice to generate the sums. You will know what you have learned in school and now is the time to get really great at maths.

Times tables - Write them in the your book. Do every one and then get an adult to test you. Use pasta, pebbles or lego to make them at the same time so that you can see the value of the numbers.


Try to do each activity every day!

You can put them in your learning grid or create your own timetable.


You have the books, you have the time – the rest is up to you!

Stay well, be good and work hard.

Mr Rushby



Listen to a story


This can be for the whole family.

Download the app 'Audible' and there are lots of choices, many are free at the moment.

Here are three suggestions for the different age groups. All are classics and all have films you could watch together once you've finished listening!




TV Suggestions!

Miss Dickson will be texting suggestions over the week!


This can be for the whole family.

Watch a show then check in on Tapestry/Year 1 email/DB Primary to share what you have learned.

Daily lessons from the BBC




Whole School Activites


These are for the whole family, grown ups too!  Share on DB/Tapestry/Year 1 email if you join in!


Live at 9am. Available all day!


Parent's Coffee Break


Find the book title: Go to the website to play!




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